All Hell

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The lake of fire bubbled and seethed as the fallen one cast his gaze across it. He brooded, as was his nature now; reflecting on his fall again as he had countless times before. He sighed deeply, then turned his attention to the demon that was quickly approaching him.

"My lord Sammael," screeched the demon as only one forged in hell can do, "a rift has appeared! It is the largest rift I've ever seen. It will take quite a while for the angels to seal it. We have an opening to the world!" His excitement was a potent reminder that the demon was simply a twisted mortal soul, and not one of the fallen. Devils do not get emotional so easily.

"Good," said the Lord of Hell with a sigh that instantly reduced the implied importance of the event, "send forth demons to corrupt the mortal plane I suppose." He waved the demon off casually, and returned to his mopping reverie.

Some time later, the demon returned.

"It is done, my liege," he said. "sixty-five made their way through before the angels sealed the rift . . . sixty-five! If only one more had made it there would have been sixty-six! How great would that have been."

"One more demon would make little difference," scowled the Devil.

"But the portent of the number. Like the Number of the Beast!"

"Sixty-six is not even close. Just because sixty-six has two sixes doesn't make you one number away from the Number of the Beast. You are still six hundred numbers away. Besides, the Number of the Beast has nothing to do with me. It was a coded message for the early Christian Church. It was Nero Caesar's name rendered in numerology, not Satan's."

"Of course, Dread Lord," cowered the demon. "A thousand apologies."

The Devil raise his eyebrow. "If I were in a better mood I would make you recite those promised apologies . . . but I can't seem to summon the interest. I suppose I should keep track of the demons' efforts in the mortal world. Who made it through?"

Who are you?

  • Uziel (YOU-zee-ill) (9 pages), devil - a fallen putto angel. Uziel is now an omnibus that rules over pedophilia.
  • Nezabarius (nez-AH-bar-EYE-us) (4 pages), demon - an ancient sorcerer who has been twisted into a demon. He has powers over incest.
  • Pasiphaë (pa-sif-AH-ee) (0 pages), demon - a mortal soul inherited from the Greeks - wife of King Minos, and mother to the Minotaur now twisted into a demon. She has powers over bestiality.

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