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;Daughter - 11
;Daughter - 11
:[[Disciplinary Action/Characters/Sixth Grade/Sonia|Sonia Beatriz Guerra Fuentes]]
:[[Disciplinary Action/Characters/Sixth Grade/Sonia|Sonia Beatriz Guerra Fuentes]]
;Granddaughter - 9
:[[Disciplinary Action/Characters/Fourth Grade/Catrina|"Katarina" Williamson-Guerra]]
== Biography ==
== Biography ==

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Ana Fuentes de Guerra

Disciplinary Action Character Ana.jpeg

Ana Fuentes Savoia de Guerra


Husband – 56
Hugo Guerra
Daughter – 32
Julia Guerra
Daughter – 23
María Guerra Fuentes
Daughter – "18"
Gemma Guerra Fuentes
Daughter – 16
Daniela Estefani Guerra Fuentes
Daughter - 11
Sonia Beatriz Guerra Fuentes

Granddaughter - 9
"Katarina" Williamson-Guerra


She looks younger than her actual age. Her appearance has not changed much since the day that her wedding portrait was made, because of this, people where she lived prior to moving to Mahogany Hills would jokingly call her a bruja (witch) or a Vampira

She has direct bloodlines linking her to several Royal Houses:

  • The Savoy family of Italy
  • The Royal family of spain
  • Henry the Navigator

Because of all the teasing, she has not disclosed the other family that she descended from due to its dark history (Báthory)

Even though her family was disowned and banished to Mexico 4 generations back, she still wears one of the several brooches that are family heirlooms.

Ana is aware that her body has "issues" because of the fact that despite of not ever having periods, she still ends up pregnant and the fact that even when having sex on "safe" days, she still winds up pregnant. Despite these issues, she still enjoys sex.

After moving to Mahogany Hills, her sex life is gone due to not being able to aquire condoms, or the "blue pill" to fix her husband's inability to get an erection (he has erectile dysfunction), and the fact that it is impossible to buy toys in the town.

Despite being loyal to her husband and if she's horny enough, she might fuck someone in order to protect the future prospects of her daughters.


You can click HERE, HERE and HERE for the Brooches she wears. (Images hosted by Wikipedia and Wikipedia)

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