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You shake your head and pull your cock out of Melisa's tight little four-year-old baby cunt. Her small hole quickly contracts pushing a lot of your seed out along with your cock. "No, there is still her sister, and no matter how good her little pussy is, I still have other girls to discipline today as well."

Ms. Varano looks down at the young toddler you just thoroughly fucked. "My God that was so hot. I really didn't expect it to be so hot... Watching you fuck such a young girl." She breathes into your ear, her hand resting on your shoulder. "I can't wait to watch you fuck Gabriele. God it's going to be amazing. I can't believe that I actually want... No need you to fuck my little girl, just like that. Pound her little pussy into oblivion"

You smile at her, and on an impulse, reach your hand into her blouse and cup one of her bare breasts, twerking her rock hard nipple and give her a quick peck on the lips. "You let me make love to her and I might even do the same for you." You state without thinking, quite surprised that you actually mean it. If Ms Varano willingly gives you her five-year-old daughters virginity, you would actually fuck her too. She's not a bad looking woman now that she isn't scowling at you all the time, and something about a mother giving her daughter to you willingly and lovingly just gets you hot.

You and Ms Varano quickly clean up the mess that you and Melisa made on the changing table, get the little darling dressed back up and functional. Then the three of you make your way back into the lobby.

You see a very nervous looking Meredith still sitting in her chair. Reading a kids book while Dr. Hartnell sits at Ms. Varano's desk typing at the computer.

Meredith looks over at her sister and frowns in concern. "You okay 'Lissa?"

Melisa nods and then gives a week smile. "It felt sooo good Mer', Soo good." She says as she crawls into a chair and promptly curls up and goes to sleep.

You hold your hand out to Meredith, "Okay sweetie it's your turn."

The little six-year-old takes your hand and gives you a weak smile. The three of you walk into your office and you lead little Meredith to the same chair that her sister sat in thirty minutes ago. You take a seat behind your desk and bring up the punishment card. You look up at the little girl and notice that she is sitting exactly how her younger sister was before. Hands nervously pressed into the skirt of her dress, legs rocking back and forward under the chair. You marvel at how alike these to young girls are.

As you continue to stare at her, your earlier feelings for little Melisa come to the forefront of your thoughts. Then it dawns on you, that these girls are your wife, Mary's, little sisters. You can see her reflected in them. God how are you going to explain this to Mary, and by God your going to save these little darlings from their bitch of a mother, them and any other sisters they might have. Not just for their sake but for Marys too.

You bring yourself back to the moment and start the formalities of reading off the punishment card, and explaining everything to her. She has just as many questions as Melisa did, but your able to get through it all a little faster the second time.

Once the formalities are complete you stand up and lead Meredith to the changing table and help her get up on it. you adjust her dress so she isn't sitting on the skirt and hand Ms. Varano the washcloth. "Can you dampen this again?"

She gives you a smile and nods then head to your bathroom.

You turn to look at Meredith and give her what you hope is a comforting smile. "Okay sweetie, I'm gonna take off your panties and start touching you in places that are going to make you uncomfortable. That is part of the punishment. Also when I put my boy parts onto your girl parts it's going to hurt. That is also part of the punishment."

You stop talking when you notice Meredith frown and a year fall down her right cheek.

You cup her cheek with your hand and wipe away the tear with your thumb. "Oh sweetie, I promise I will do everything I can to make it hurt as little as possible, and that it will only hurt for a bit, then it will feel really really good. Okay?"

Meredith leans her cheek into your hand and nods.

Ms. Varano returns with the damp rag and hands it to you. "Yeah sweetie, he will I try. Didn't Melisa say it felt good."

Meredith relaxes a little with that comment and nods.

You lift up the front of Maredith's skirt and fold it over her lap, "Okay i need you to take one of those pillows and lay back with it under your head. I also need you to lift your butt a little so I can remove your panties and place the other pillow under your butt."

Meredith nods and does as you instructed. You slip of her light blue My Little Pony panties and tuck them into your shirt pocket. You notice Ms. Varano reaching under her skirt and removing her panties as well. She sets them on the changing table next to Meredith. You can see and smell her arousal in them.

You look closely at Meredith's pretty pre-teen pussy. It is plump and bare, not quite as plump as her little sisters but still quite lovely to look at. The sight of her hairless six-year-old mons makes you drool a little.

You take the damp washcloth and gently clean her slit, clitoral hood and a little inside her cunny. Once you feel it is clean enough, you pull her to the edge of the table spread her legs and give her slit a gentle lick.

The touch of your tongue on her slit, elicits a gasp and then a slight moan form the young girl. You happily devour her young pussy, burring your tongue into her until it bumps against her hymen. The membrane feels light and gives a little to your tongue. You're sure that it will be easy to tear and won't give Meredith much issue when you take her virginity.

You savour the feel and flavor of this young girls cunny for a few minutes, before you're brought back to reality by the sounds of Ms. Varano moaning beside you. A wicked idea fills your mind and you pull back from the delicious young cunt. "Ms. Varano, come here please." You say as you stand up and step away from your little treat.

Ms. Varano gives you a confused look.

You motions to the young girl lying on the table. "Go ahead, give her a taste, I know you want to."

"I couldn't.. I can't... That would be...wrong." she stammers in response, though her eyes never stop staring at Meredith's tight little hairless pussy.

"No more than me fucking a four-year-old, or you offering to let me fuck your daughter." You whisper into her ear. "You know you want to. Go ahead. Or would you rather eat her out after I cum in her tight little pussy."

Ms. Varano lets out a moan, takes your vacated seat and lowers her head to the young girls cunt. Seconds latter you hear wet licking noises and both of them start moaning.

You walk up to the edge of the table and slip Meredith's arms out of the top of her dress and slip it down to reveal her little nipples. Both of which are hard little erasers on her chest.

You take one of her nipples in your mouth and grip the other with your fingers. Then you gently suck and lick on the one playing with it with your lips tongue and teeth, while you play with the other with your finger tips.

Little Meredith lets out an even louder moan, from your double assult on her young body. Nothing in her life has prepared her for this level of attention and pleasure.

"Oh God, she tastes so good. Yes baby, cum for me, give my all your tasty juices." Ms. Varano moans into the childs cunt.

It doesn't take long before Meredith has her first orgasm. Her back arches off the table, her legs go stiff and she screams out her pleasure.

You release her nipples and place a hand on Ms. Varano's shoulder, pulling her a little to indicate she needs to move.

She looks up at you her face glistening in little girl cum. She licks her lips and smiles. "That was so good. She tastes so delicious, and it felt so right when she came." She said with a smile.

You nod, knowingly and smile. "Maybe I'll let you help get them ready for me from time to time."

"Oh yes please, I would like that. Damn I need to get more little girls for you to fuck." She says as she steps away from Meredith's spread open legs, her eyes glazed over a little. "No that would be to obvious, but that might work. Shit that could possibly get an entire kindergarten classroom. Wow that would be hot, all those tight little pussies streatched by your hard cock. Those little mouths moaning in pleasure... Faces so flush..."

You could tell that you lost her to her own imaginations. You couldn't help yourself and you leaned in to whisper into her ear. "You do that and I'll fuck you so hard I'll knock you up." Then you step away with an evil smile as you unbuckle your belt and pullout your hard cock, lining it up with Meredith's little pussy.

You don't look back at Ms. Varano, but you hear her drop into a chair behind you and gasp "Knock me up? Yes, fuck all those little pussies and then knock me up."

You chuckle and then adjust yourself and Meredith's limp body. You press the head of your cock to her tight little pre-teen pussy and then push it in. You push hard at first, to get your head inside her tight opening. But once you pop inside her tight little virgin cunny, you stop and give her body a few seconds to adjust.

You don't get much of a reaction from your little six-year-old lover, so you push your cock up to her maidenhead and then in one quick stroke push through.

That gets a reaction our of her. She gasps and her eyes focus on you "That hurt." She pouts

You stop moving with a little more than the head of your cock splitting her lips. "I know, but that should be it. From here on it should all feel good."

She nods slips up onto her elbows and looks down to where you are joined. "You're inside me?"

You nod. "Yup, this is called making love, fucking or having sex."

You give her a few more seconds to get adjusted and then start to pull back and then push back in. Her pussy feels extremely tight around your cock. Not as tight as her little sisters but tighter than the other girls her age that you have already enjoyed.

Meredith watches your cock slide in and out of her with wide eyes, after a few strokes, her face starts to flush even more and she starts to pant. "Wow, that feels goody, do it more."

You give her a smile as she lays back against the pillow and pushes her hips up to meet your cock.

You feel Ms. Varano standing behind you once again. You can hear her moans and the wet noises caused by her playing with her pussy. "Yes, fuck her, fuck that little girl."

It's much easier to fuck Meredith, than it was Melisa. Meredith's pussy seams to be able to stretch a little more to accommodate more of your cock into her and she is more responsive, pushing back to meet your thrusts and trying to take a more active role in your lovemaking.

Her tight little pre-teen pussy feels absolutely amazing. You're able to get a little over half your cock into her before you feel a second barrier. One you know would not be healthy to breach. It's not long before she starts her second orgasm, and surprisingly you feel close to your own.

You're not sure what it is. Considering you already unloaded into her little sister just a few minutes before, you should be able to go longer with this little girl. Maybe it's her participation, or the hot sex talk with Ms. Varano, but this tight little pussy is milking the fuck out of your cock.

God she feels amazing and the sounds of her moaning and panting beneath you are driving you wild. You start to increase your pace and before long you're pounding the fuck out of this little kindergartener and she is amazingly meeting you stroke for stroke. Her cunt feels unbelievable around your cock and her constant little girl moans are driving you crazy.

You manage to pull one more very strong and very long orgasm out of Meredith's tight little pre-teen body before you feel yourself push deep into her and unload your baby making seed into her six-year-old womb.

You fall over her and kiss on her stomach as your still hard cock continues to pump more and more baby batter into her young body. You hear her panting beneath you and Mr. Varano moaning our her own orgasm behind you.

Your cock is still amazingly hard as a rock, what do you do next.