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"Miss Curtis, do you REALLY not know how to have sex?" You as her as you slowly stir your dick around inside her. "It's something children are not supposed to know about, but all the adults know about it. It's what you have to do in order to put a baby inside a woman's belly." As you are saying this, you reach a hand up under her dress and rub her bare abdominal region.

"What!? Th... this is how I get a baby!?" She squeaks. "Are you putting a baby inside me right now!?"

"Well, not yet." You tell her. Of course, you are not ejaculating inside her right now, so you are only getting ready to put a baby inside her. "I have to do a little more in order to put a baby inside you, but anyway, when I heard you talking about being an old maid and being so bitter about it, I thought that you were just pretending to not know about what sex was so that you could have a baby. You know, because any babies that result from a punishment are considered the community's responsibility so it would not matter that you are not married." As you continue talking, you move one of the hands from her belly down to the top of her slit and begin playing with her clitoris while you start moving your dick in and out of her. At this point, it no longer matters that she's a woman in her 30s. Since you've gotten started, you are just in this for the conquest now. You just want to plant a baby in her unclaimed womb.

"Well.. uhh... no! I wasn't lying Mr. Gardner! I... Ahh! What are you doing! It all feels so STRANGE!"

"This is all part of sex," you tell her, "it is supposed to make you feel that way. So, do you really want to have a baby Miss Curtis?"

"A baby!? Ahhh! I... I mean... I... Of course! Yes!" She says. Great, you got her saying yes to one thing.

"So, would you like me to finish having sex with you so you can have a baby?"

"Yes! Ohhhh.... but... should I...?"

"Alright, I'll put a baby inside you then." You tell her. That was all you needed to hear, now you just need to keep her in such a state of pleasure she has a hard time thinking. You SHOULD probably tell her one thing though. "I should probably warn you though, this is not guaranteed to work. That's why married couples sleep in the same bed, it's so that they can have sex every night until the woman manages to get pregnant since it doesn't work every time. There's no way to know how many times it would take. It can work the first time, but it also might not work until the 50th time, so you have to keep doing it."

"What!? Doing THIS!?" She responds.

"Yes," you tell her, "I have to pull down my pants and stick my penis in girls who have misbehaved almost every day." You tell her, "It is only a pregnancy risk for those girls though, they only have to do it once or twice or so, but there are a few who really did something very bad and have pregnancy as their punishment and not just a risk. I gotta call those girls in any time I don't have another girl taking a pregnancy risk."

You are talking more for yourself than for her benefit in regards to the other girls you have sex with. As you describe yourself fucking the students, you are re-living it in your mind and remembering having your dick inside Tihana Morandi or Charity Fine, both of whom you are almost certain you've fucked during their most 'dangerous' time in their cycle and might very well have your babies inside their bellies right this moment.

"Wow! It sounds... hard!" Miss Curtis says between gasps as she also seems to be getting rather stimulated.

Yes, hard indeed, you think to yourself. Meanwhile, you finally get yourself over the edge and plant your dick all the way up inside her as you spew your seed into her adult womb. At the same time, you redouble your efforts on her clitoris in hopes of getting her off along with you.

"What... what!? What!? What's happen..."

"Just let it happen Miss Curtis." You grunt. "This is also part of it, your body will feel like you are loosing control for a moment. That's what's supposed to happen."

She grunts for a moment, it seemed being told that had engaged the logical parts of her head for a moment which brought her back from the edge, but with a little more playing with her clit and some more pistoning in and out with your dick even after you had already dropped your load, she gets back to the top of her pleasure and her entire body stiffens up with a grunt, a whine, and a very sexy moan all mixed into one.

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