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"Umm... Mr. Garnder, I'm here to have my diaper changed." Dawn Loso called to you meekly. She may still get in trouble a lot, but this experience seems to have made her rather submissive to you. It occurs to you though that you do not recall ever specifying in her punishment that it can only be you to change her diaper. This is when you recall that the teacher for her freshman class is male. He probably considered himself unqualified. You have heard he sends that other kid to the office and the headmaster changes him though, so maybe he just doesn't want to deal with diaper changes himself?

"Yes, Dawn, come on in." You greet her, dismissing all those thoughts, and she promptly enters the room. She quickly and obediently takes her place on the changing table to have her diaper off, and when you come around you notice a dark patch around the crotch. Did she actually poop her diaper? That would be a first actually. Since the kids are allowed to use the toilet normally on a diaper punishment so long as you are there to remove their diapers, it is a little uncommon that you even see pee, let alone a large duke in their diaper.

No, you realize it could be something else, so you decide to say nothing until you get it open. You pull open the tabs and expose her crotch. When you do, a string of red blood attaches her crotch to the diaper as it is pulled away, and it is very clear what the dark patch actually is. This is also your first time catching a girl on a diaper punishment in the middle of her menstruation.

"Umm..." She blushes deeply and looks away. "Pearl said we get to use the toilet normally as long as you take off our diaper."

"Yes, that is correct." You inform her. "Do you need to go?" She nods. "Well, the toilet is just over there." You gesture for her, and she quickly jumps up with her hand over her crotch as she makes a break for the toilet. Meanwhile, you promptly dispose of the diaper and grab a new one, then open the door to follow her in just as her pee is starting to trickle into the toilet.

"Eeek!" She shrieks.

"What? I have already seen your privates a few times with these punishments, right? You would have to show them to me again when you get out anyway." She just frowns, but doesn't argue. "Well, once you are finished, I have to make sure your vagina is clean since you are having your time."

"Mmm.." She grunts and then continues peeing. Once she is finished, you take the toilet paper and wipe her while she keeps a pensive and uncertain look on her face. Once all the urine is gone, you drop the tissue into the toilet and begin scraping the insides of her vagina with your finger and pulling out any blood that is caught inside. This gets a whimper from her and she silently spreads her legs more to give you access. This starts off with you just pulling the menstrual blood out of her, but of course once you get it all it proceeds on to pleasuring her. You play with her clit and her pussy for a while, and it doesn't take long before you drive her over the edge.

As she is settling down after her orgasm, a huge gush of menstrual blood flows out of her. "Well," you say, "it looks like we are going to have to do that all over again now." Her uterus must have been agitated during her orgasm, and then her cervix relaxed afterward letting everything out. You wonder if you can end her period early if you keep doing this over and over again. It's worth a try.

You wind up giving her a total of five orgasms before you let her up off the toilet. You get some trickles after the second and onward, but none of them are even close to the first. You eventually decide you have pushed her as far as this can go and simply put her diaper back on. By this time, she is completely exhausted so you allow her to go rest in the nurse's office.

Over the next few days, you see her spots in her diapers growing smaller and smaller. However, you also find them wet with pee more and more often. "Umm... Pearl suggested that maybe it would not take as long if I didn't worry about using the toilet, since you are still going to change the diaper either way." She said. Well, this kid is going to be interesting.