Discovery 3

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Chris's family decided to get a dedicated guard dog for the ranch. Chris was at school at the time, so he didn't learn about this until after he got home.

"Oh wow! A puppy!" he exclaimed when he saw the Arcanine. Of course, at six feet, three hundred pounds and the evolved form of Growlithe, he was hardly a puppy. He wagged his tail energetically and nuzzled against Chris as he gave him a tight hug.

"We're getting him to keep guard over the ranch." his dad explained to his mom. "There have been reports about thefts and attacks on farms across the Johto and Kanto countrysides. We got an Arcanine to hopefully deter any thieves who might come to attack us, and hopefully we won't have to get a gun."

Chris continued to nuzzle his head into Arcanine's chest. Already dark thoughts began to fill his mind. He now had his very own doggy to play with. He could barely contain himself, but fortunately his exuberance was perceived by his family as innocent. They were still unaware of his awakened lust.

When his dad was taking care of some new Pokemon that were dropped off, Chris took Arcanine out into the fields. At his dad's request, he remained in sight of the house; with news about possible raiders, he didn't want his son venturing too far away from the house unsupervised.

Still, Chris was far enough away and in the tall grass to be obscured from prying eyes. He led Arcanine out there - finding the dog to be quite obedient in the process - and stripped down naked. The Arcanine watched him as he did so, and then the boy ducked down between his legs and grabbed at his pouch. He stroked it vigorously, coaxing the prized dick out of its sheathe. There was a twinkle in his eyes as he beheld it as it grew to its full length. It looked much like Entei's - indirectly confirming that Entei was indeed a dog - with a tapered dick and a fist-sized knot at the base, exactly how he wanted it. Best of all, it was their dog, so he could have him any time he liked!

Chris moved his head down and took Arcanine into his mouth. The dog let out a low growl and laid down on his side as Chris rolled his tongue across the entire length. He pushed his weight on top of Arcanine to try and hold him down. The warm fur tickled his balls and he wriggled his hips around to continue stimulating the sensitive sac.

Arcanine twitched under him, his mouth hanging open and his tongue rolled out the side as Chris licked at his virgin shaft. He had a smoky taste to his dick much like Entei, except this was a bit harsher and hotter. Already pre leaked from the tip of his cock, and Chris lapped it up as it spilled down the shaft. His own boy peen was standing straight up. He used a free hand to pull back the foreskin and reveal the very sensitive head. He found it to be extremely pleasant when he rubbed it against the hot, soft fur, to the point where he tried to hold back - albeit in vain - a brief but intense orgasm. He bucked his hips wildly against Arcanine, spewing his jizz all over the fur.

Chris lifted himself off of Arcanine and got down on his hands and knees, shaking his ass at the Pokemon.

"Here you are! Come and put it inside me!" he said, spreading his ass cheeks apart. Arcanine looked up at him and scrambled to his feet. He approached Chris and sniffed at his butt. Suddenly, and to Chris's surprise, he started licking at his asshole with his hot wet tongue!

"Eww! That's disgusting, Arcanine!" Chris managed to make out before he collapsed into a fit of giggles. The tongue felt very weird, but good on his asshole. His thoughts about how disgusting that was quickly pushed to the back of his mind, but he still made a mental note to not let Arcanine lick him on the face.

He was on the verge of another orgasm by the end of it. Now that his asshole was ready, Arcanine stepped over him and prodded his dick against the lubed up hole. Chris's past experiences with Umbreon and Entei made his asshole pretty loose and limber. Arcanine's dick poked in easily and slid smoothly down to the base. He could feel the knot prodding against his asshole, a feeling he didn't get with Entei because of their huge size differences. Even though he knew he'd probably get really hurt, he wanted Arcanine to try and push his knot into him. Getting his asshole stretched out felt very good when Umbreon did it, and it felt best when the knot rubbed against that one spot in his ass that made him cum like clockwork.

Arcanine started fucking Chris with great vigor. He threw his weight into every thrust, pushing the little boy forward inch by inch. Chris really wanted to pull a hand away to jerk himself off, but with Arcanine's weight bearing down on him, he couldn't move his hands away from the ground or else he'd collapse under the weight. Despite that, his dick was bouncing with every pulse of blood, ready to fire off again. Chris balanced on that delicate edge for a long while, which quickly made him frustrated. He whined and bucked his hips around, trying to make himself cum in whatever way he could.

He grit his teeth as he felt his asshole stretching further apart. Arcanine's knot was slowly pushing into him, and he tried to keep himself relaxed so he wouldn't hurt himself. The knot popped into him after a few minutes of pushing, and he let out a cry of pain and pleasure. The knot pressed against that sweet spot in his ass, and it drove him over the edge. Chris cried out in joy as he sprayed his jizz out all over the ground. It came out in an uncontrollable torrent. Every movement Arcanine made stimulated his prostate, which sustained his orgasm for far longer than he was used to. How long it lasted - a minute, ten minutes - he was uncertain. He ran out of sperm, but he kept cumming, and he was nearly driven mad from it.

Arcanine growled again and shot his sperm into Chris, filling up his intestines with hot, sticky goo. Chris's stomach distended slightly from the volume, and when Arcanine pulled out after the knot deflated, it gushed out of him. His asshole felt empty and loose, but he was content. He was beginning to like the burning sensation getting it stretched apart left. It was mildly painful, but there was something about it that felt very good to him, like he was still being violated long after it left.

Arcanine was standing next to him, his tail wagging vigorously. He obviously liked it, too. Chris slowly got to his feet, cum still flowing down his legs like a river, and he gave Arcanine a tight embrace.

"Oh that was so wonderful!" he sighed. "And we can do this as many times as we like now, now that you're with us! Now come on, boy! There's a lake nearby! Let's go get cleaned up!"