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So you want to write a story. That is excellent. To get you started the right way, you need to learn how to make an article for this section. This is a wiki, and all of the stories are wiki articles, or collections of wiki articles. To keep things organized, and to keep interactive stories from bleeding into one another there is a certain format that one should use when making these articles. Below we will cover how to do this properly in detail.

Basic Formatting

Here are the topics for the basic format that you need to follow when putting a story on the All the Fallen Stories section.

Advanced Formatting

  • Multiple Categories - When something needs more organization.
  • Templates - Making things easier with templates.
  • Pictures - Adding Pictures because . . . pretty.
  • Polls - Getting the people's voice.
  • CSS - Make things even prettier with custom CSS.

Writer's Tools


If you want to try things out before you use them, you can use the Sandbox Page. Just be sure to revert it back to the original page when you are done.