Greatest Game/Maxwell/Consider the dream

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That dream was definitely odd. You can still remember it so vividly. As if a game show could change your gender and make you want to be an exhibitionist kid-fucker. That whole god-powers thing would be pretty neat though.

One thing that was somewhat disturbing was that Oyakodon fetish. You're pretty sure you've never even heard that term before, but...remembering what the guy said, you can't get the idea of watching a mother and daughter making out naked in bed out of your mind.

As you are having those thoughts, you can't help but notice the sensation of your manhood stiffening up under the sheets. As you sleep in the buff, it makes a pretty obvious tent. You throw off your sheets and carefully consider your swollen member. Then, you are somewhat disturbed when you hear the young girl outside laughing - a lot closer to your own cabin this time. You react by feeling even more aroused as you picture the vague idea of the girl who's attached to that voice naked and in this room getting a belly full of your stuff while she just so happens to be ovulating.