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You begin fondling your penis as you can't get that image out of your head. You think about having sex with some young girl on the cusps of puberty and knocking her up despite her young age. With the back-drop of the actual sounds of the girl's voice outside, you simply can't help but have your mind start to go places about fantasy scenarios where she might actually wind up in your cabin. Perhaps she falls in the lake and is afraid her mother might get irritated that her clothing is soaked from head to toe, so she comes to you for help.

Suddenly you hear the little girl scream with a loud EEEK! and there is a splash of water. This stops you mid stroke for a little bit as you consider that. There's no way, right?

God-like powers over the physical world and the minds of others...

Nah, no way that could be true. But, you are still sitting there with your stiff dick in your hands as you hear the sounds of squelching footsteps coming closer, straight in the direction of your cabin. You feel your lips and hands go numb, and your dick go down to about a half-chub as you stand like a zombie and shuffle you way into the main room of your cabin. You cast a cautious gaze around, considering the front door, just as those heavy squelching footsteps start to climb the stairs onto your patio. You hear the sound of some soft sobbing now accompanying the footsteps, and then there's a knock.

Ok, this is just too freaky, right?

Well, you gotta do something about this, right?

Try to test these supposed "powers" you have real quick.