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Despite how exciting all of this is, you're also aware it's not exactly the safest or most moral thing to be doing -- as such, you decide to keep it short and sweet, restricting yourself to one lap around your relatively small apartment complex before you head back home.

Nonetheless, the spring breeze in your naked fur feels amazing, especially in your chest and in your crotch, two areas which never get to experience this type of raw exposure to the elements. You start to feel your penis start to slip out of your sheath, the pink-red flesh cutting a noticeable figure against your light grey fur, even with only the very tip out; given that it's just a reaction to the wind, though perhaps one brought on by your incredible excitement, it doesn't seem like you'll get any more erect than this without directly stimulating it, and you doubt that's gonna happen, given how nervous you are just walking around in the nude.

You can't deny that some of that nervousness is starting to fade, though. Maybe it's just because you haven't seen anyone else out yet, but you can't help but feel a little sad that this isn't something you'll be able to do all the time -- it's oddly...freeing, you suppose, to be able to bare your body like this, even if it's a little more of it than you intended, you muse as you glance down at your still semi-erect penis.

It's then that you hear a SNAP, overall pretty quiet but to you louder than a gunshot, and all of that nervousness returns.

Glancing around, your fur on end, you finally identify the source of the noise. Sitting on a roadside bench just a few doors in front of you is a golden retriever girl around your own age, leaning forward to try and reach the book splayed haphazardly at her feet -- a bit of quick examination leads you to believe that the snap from before was probably her dropping the book onto the pavement.

A bit more examination lets you know that you know this girl; her name is Daisy Sung, and the two of you were actually pretty friendly, being in the same grade at school and similar species and all. Besides that, you knew her grandparents pretty well, given that they moved into this apartment complex a few years before you and your family did, and you also knew that, despite living on the other side of town, she came to this neck of the woods pretty often to help them out with odd tasks around the house, or even to sleep over if her parents or one of her many siblings were being too noisy or needed the house for something. On top of all of that, she was pretty cute, with soft golden fur and big, innocent brown eyes; you couldn't deny that you had even considered asking her out at more than one point, though whether it was because of her attractiveness or her sweet demeanor you didn't know.

More relevant than any of that, perhaps, was the fact that she was about to see you naked.

What do you do?

Talk to her, trying to act natural.

Jump into a bush to hide from her.

Turn tail and run back home!