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After a few moments of intense deliberation, you decide to throw on some clothes and head outside. Stretching your arms out to crack your shoulders and rubbing your eyes to get the last of the drowsiness out of your system, you reach over to the chair in front of your easel, where you'd thrown one of the several pairs of old-yet-reliable jeans you tended to wear when you were painting or otherwise just out around the town -- these particular jeans happened to be covered in green, brown, and yellow paint stains, owing to the colors you were using on the swampy landscape you were paining last night. Throwing them on over a pair of plaid boxers, you completed your outfit with a short-sleeve white button-down before headed down the stairs and through the kitchen into the wide, open world.

True to your predictions, it seems that next to nobody in your apartment complex is awake yet, at least if the resounding silence sweeping across these normally populated streets is anything to go by. You can't help but think about how odd it feels to be up this early as you close and lock the front door behind you -- ordinarily, there'd be at least a few people up and active by the time you decided to head out, walking their dogs, mowing their lawns, or even just enjoying the nice spring breeze. It's actually strangely relaxing, and as you take off walking, you think that you'll have to do this more often.

Where are you walking to?

Just around the apartment complex to see if anyone else is awake.

To the hospital to check on mom.

To see what my sister Julie's up to right about now.

To the center of town to enjoy some more of this sweet peace and quiet~

To the mall to see if I can get there just after it opens!