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As you sit on your bed, it occurs to you with a start that, since nobody's awake yet, you don't necessarily have to put clothes on even if you were to head outside -- after all, who was going to see? It was 7AM on a Saturday -- the few people awake were probably older retired folk, and they were probably focused on their breakfast or the morning news or whatever. Your heart beats out of your chest as you stand up, your tail wagging behind you in excitement, and you realize that if you were going to do this, you had to do it today -- after all, your parent's schedules generally meant that at least one of them was normally home on the weekends, and there was no way in Hell that they'd ever let you do this.

Heading downstairs, you decide to leave your key on the rack and use the hidden key under the doormat to lock the front door -- normally you'd just throw it into a pocket or something, but if you were nude, where would you keep it? Up your ass? You giggle to yourself, ever so slightly, but you're not sure if it's in response to your joke or just a nervous reaction to what your about to do. The latter seems more likely, given that you are nervous -- in fact, you can't remember a time you were any more nervous than this if the pounding of your heart is anything to go by, but some of that is just excitement at doing something so taboo.

Nonetheless, you swallow your nervousness and, after a deep breath or two to steady yourself, take one step outside, then another, letting your front door swing closed behind you and take away any chance you might have of chickening out. There was no way to avoid it, now -- you were completely nude in the great outdoors.

What do you do now?

Stroll around the apartment complex -- I don't wanna risk too many people seeing me.

Head to the center of town -- I doubt anyone's there right now, right?

Walk to the mall -- I need to get more of this feeling!

Get on the bus -- I'm feeling dangerous today.