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Rain's Hand, 30th, 4E 202

A little R&R always lets your body and mind heal, in our case more than just in one way. Since we had fully recovered and were back at peak performance, it was time for us to try our luck inside Blackreach and continue our journey. This massive cavern ended up being way bigger than we imagined. Same can be said about the mushrooms. It's unbelievable to me that a place like this existed right under our feet.

We were really lucky to find an old Dwemer building very close to the door inside Blackreach, which was used as a field laboratory for some alchemist named Sinderion. He's been doing some kind of research on a cousin of Nirnroot native to this cave which takes a shade of Crimson. As someone who's fond of alchemy and gardening, I found it very intriguing, but not intriguing enough to distract me from my true goal. I bet it doesn't even have any difference to the original one apart from the color of its leafs.

There's a fireplace for making food here, an alchemist's lab and an enchanter's table, and even a bench which could be used for repairing armor. The bed looks good enough as well. It looks like a good base of operations for us, especially considering its close proximity to the lift that takes us to the surface. There was however one small problem with this shack… A damned trapped chest that I ended up triggering the instant I opened it.

Oh Sinderion, why didn't you at least put a warning label on it in case a fellow adventurer would come here?

I knew Dwemer were known for their inventions and machinery, some of which could be used for lewd purposes, but I didn't expect a magical trap that would automatically equip bondage gear on me, and even strip me naked. Is this even technology, or is this some kind of foul sorcery? Like really, how does that even work? It happened so fast. It put chains on my wrists and my legs, and even stuck a plug into my butthole faster than I could let out a scream. What made it all worse was a blindfold which made it so I couldn't see at all.

Sofia was able to dig through my stuff to find the tools I had made for taking these things off, but she wasn't really good at using them. She was able to get rid of my blindfolds on the third attempt, after which I had only one key left. She was so sorry and kept apologizing so much for being so clumsy. Oh, it's not her fault… But she should really practice handling these keys with care. Maybe I should lock her in some bondage once we're home and have her figure her way out of it as a "punishment".

I could get rid of the plug which had some kind of pesky locking mechanism on it, but after that, we had no more tools. Our journey has been halted before it even properly started. It's impossible for me to even walk without rattling these chains around, which makes sneaking impossible. The Falmer here rely heavily on their hearing, so… Yeah, we may have to make it back to the surface. There's still a chance Sofia can find something alone. She's going to go look around for stuff while I wait here. There were Falmer outside so I'm not too sure how safe it's for a lone female adventurer… She said she can handle herself against the Falmer, but I just can't help but to get worried. I just hope she doesn't encounter anything that's more than she can handle.

I think I'll rest and try to get some sleep.

Rain's Hand, 31th, 4E 202

I had a strange dream… A wet dream, or perhaps a nightmare? It was almost like the last time around, and I'm 100% sure it happened, like for real, it happened.

It was another strange plane of Oblivion I was stuck inside, stark naked. I still had my bondage gear on, and then some. There's even a clitoral piercing down there with a Soul Gem attached to it. The way it vibrated was agonizing, I can still remember it so vividly.

There were a lot of naked women there, and I was clearly the youngest. The rest were adults. There was also a man there, a Daedric figure with tiny horns and a bright red skin. He spoke to me, he raped me, he talked about how he has been watching me, observing me… About how he has taken me as his property, about how I now serve him in life and in death.

When he whipped me, the sting was real. When he made me cum, the pleasure was real too. His touch, his powerful grab on my skin, they were all real… I know, because when I eventually woke up again, I was still sore and horny. All of the bondage remained, and there were even marks on my skin, but even if that doesn't prove it was all real all along, this damned Soul Gem that's still attached to my clit sure is. Kind of makes me wonder, will it happen again?

Sofia had found some stuff we could use to make makeshift lockpicks out of. Normal ones rarely work, so I don't even feel like wasting them. It was almost enough, but there were still not enough. I was able to get rid of everything except for the clitoral piercing. None of the tools were delicate enough for it, and I doubt we will find anything that is. I have to carry it a while longer…

The mark on my stomach is constantly visible now, I'm still so horny. Damn it, I haven't even encountered any enemies here yet, and I'm already in this sorry state…

We still don't know what to do. Continue this journey, or get away from here for now? We can always come here and try again and again, but if I get myself caught in this state, with this vibrating magical gem attached to my clit, there's no way I'd be able to resist at all… Sofia can always run away, but will she be able to save me alone? She said that it's not that dangerous out there and that she thinks that most dangers probably lurk behind us. There's a lot of places to hide in here, and she even said that she might even have a good idea of which direction we should go towards. I trust her judgment fully.

Rain's Hand, 31th, 4E 202

We decided not to leave, not quite just yet. I turned out to be a good decision, as we might've found what we're looking for. I don't know yet.

Before that though, there were two things I found out down here. First, I can deal with this vibrating piercing. It's not that unstable, it has only activated itself once so far. That's definitely something I can deal with. Second, we found out that Falmer have a lot of slaves here. I mean, a lot. Men, women, young, old. That kind of suggests that we don't have to fear for our lives either, but it also worries me. It must be hard to keep that many people in check. There must be a lot of powerful Falmer here. Getting caught here might be really bad.

So anyway, we're now inside some tower. I remember Septimus talking about a tower too, and the mechanism inside this building looks mighty impressive and important. Remember that mammoth-sized floating orb I told you about? Well, you could probably fit then of them inside of this thing. On top of it, there are all kinds of mirrors and light sources too, all of which can be moved using some weird Dwemer machine. I have no idea how to operate it though… This might take a while, especially since I feel like I'm not making any progress using it. Sofia got bored of watching me try, so she's trying her luck now.

Rain's Hand, 31th, 4E 202

I can't believe it, we actually found it. We managed to operate the machine to open up the massive thing in front of us, and it contained the scroll! I must bring it to Castle Volkihar immediately!

And then, getting outside… Sun was just rising and its rays pierced my eyes like never before. It was so blinding, but at the same time, strangely satisfying. It may be a little painful to stand under its rays, but it's also a proof of my freedom, proof that I made it back to the surface.

We don't exactly know where we are right now, but looking by the mountains and sights around us… I think I recognize one of the old stone towers in the distance. It's right next to Dawnstar if my memory serves me right.

We're currently holed up in a tent. There was some kind of camp site right outside the lift. Looking at it, it really looks like it's impossible to open it from the outside, but why did they leave their stuff behind? Oh well, I hope they're not nearby. I don't really feel like fighting anyone.

We'll head towards that tower soon.

Second Seed, 1st, 4E 202

Since we were in Dawnstar, we had a perfect opportunity to visit the Sanctuary. They were happy to see me safe and sound, and I was extremely happy to meet four new recruits seeking glory with us. The Brotherhood is already bigger than it was in Falkreath, but whenever these initiates are actually going to stay alive for more than three contracts still remains to be seen. Nazir wondered, what had I been up to and said that I should visit more often to actually get them some work. I said that I try, but I'm a busy woman. Oh, and you should've seen the look on his face when I showed him what I had found. I told him to keep it a secret.

He also wanted to talk business. He said that we should eventually reform the Black Hand. With me as the Listener, I should pick a Speaker for myself. He had talked to the remaining senior members, but none were that interested. It's still gonna take time for us to reform, so for now Nazir's going to serve as the sole Speaker for me. I myself will also do Speaker's duties every time I come here, but I'll let Nazir handle most of the work. It only makes sense that way, since he handles the contracts anyway.

I'm sadly not able to stay here a whole lot longer, as I'll be leaving tomorrow with Sofia, but I've done my work here. I prayed to the Night Mother and gave new contracts forward, so my duty here is more or less done for now!

Second Seed, 3rd, 4E 202

We stopped by in Dragon Bridge to buy and sell supplies. We kind of get the impression that we aren't welcome here. Some of them recognize us, some look us the wrong way, but most don't talk to us. There was one citizen who told me to go away and leave them be, to which I simply replied nothing.

When we got out from the general goods shop - where we were surprisingly made feel very welcome - we saw some of the citizens talking with guards. We thought nothing of it since we've done nothing wrong here and proceeded to visit the blacksmith. He was really wary of me, but I tried to be as nice as polite as possible to put up a good impression, show that I'm not anyone he should be worried about. I ended up buying some iron because I needed to craft some tools to finally get rid of this damned jewel stuck to my clit. He let me use his forge after I paid him some extra. I guess he was warming up to me a little and was willing to let his guard down… Or maybe he was scared.

Then, I proceeded to try and remove the thing… And I broke my tool. Part of it got stuck inside the lock. I couldn't believe it, I was mortified. I turned towards the blacksmith, who at this point had figured out what was going on and what I was trying to do. He was willing to help me out if I pay up…

It was a little embarrassing spreading my legs to him. It made me a little horny and blush too. It didn't look like he was attracted in children though, so it didn't really matter that he got a close-up view of my private parts… Sadly, he quickly said that the lock is beyond his skill level, especially with the piece stuck inside. At this point, he seemed really scared of me doing something to him, but I just thanked him for being so helpful and tried to smile.

It was pretty clear to me after this that the guards weren't really interested in helping the citizens get rid of us. That was… Good, I guess? They simply just kept talking to each other, saying I'm not their problem and how they're not willing to get hurt or maybe even die fighting us. One of them politely told me to leave the village. I just clicked my tongue and said I'm not here to cause trouble, I just want to rest on my journey.

Something tells me that we aren't going to get comfortable sleep though. We kind of have to sleep with one eye open, or rather, with one of us constantly awake. We can't have these guards or villagers sneaking up on us while we're defenseless.

Like really, I've become famous in these parts of Skyrim, and not in a very good way…