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# - C

Story Pages Story Codes Editing Permissions Notes
1st Orgy 2 Interactive, m/F+f+g+, M+m+b+/F+f+g+, F+f+g+/F+f+g+, F(18,19), g(10-12), M(18,19), b(10-12), dream, orgy, scat, rim, ws, cons, fist, anal, oral, piv, m1st, hs, stroke Errors Only Author: rnbqkbnrp
10yo Slut 3 Interactive, M/g, M+/g, g(10) Rules Author: Kaylee10
A Midsummer Pedo Dream 14 Interactive, M/f, M/g, blackmail, mc, nc, rape, ws Rules Author: illegalelves (talk)
A Sister's Secret 5 Interactive, mg, nc, oral, anal, ws Open Author: HGCollins
A Young Girl's Confession 1 g/b, g/M, Closed Author: Lost
Abby, the 1st Grade Panty Tease and Her Perverted Teacher 0 g(6-8), solo, nosex, job, panties, school girl Errors Only Author: Foxycarl2
The Babysitter and the Sisterly Trio 125 Interactive, Babysitting, Multiple Ages, Consensual Sex, Sleeping Sex, Vaginal, Anal, Oral, Orgy, Masturbation, Bondage, Roleplay, M/F, M/F+ Errors Only Author: Ulithium_Dragon (talk)
Bored Little Girl 21 Interactive, all Open Author: Writeranon
3rd Person Babysitter 41 Babysitting, many perspectives, m/g Ask Author: Jemini (talk)
58 and a Half Hours: A Very Satisfying Two 1/2 Days 64 Traditional, m/f, m/fF, m/Ff+, m/f+F+, m/fF+, m/F, group, orgy, inc, cons, rom, piv, oral, 1st, hs, ScFi; I'll keep the tag list updated as more appears Errors Only Author: HostileMakeover0 (talk)
Alexander the Babysitter 4 Interactive, Loli Anything but gore, scat and character death Open Author MalcivMurmur
As Nature Intended 1 g/solo, g/Digi, g/b, g/g, zoo, best, fanfic, nc Closed Author: Lost
The Beginning 17 M/g, Intro, inc WIP Do not edit yet. Wooops (talk)
The Bike Shop 15 Interactive, M/g, nosex Closed Author: ChiyeLove
Book of Rules 2 MFFfgg+, Harem, Mind Control, Impregnation, Traditional Closed Author:Quiller (talk)
The Casa 37 All Open Author: ohtom (talk)
Children of Lilith 1 g/M, tg, age, tentacles, rape, preg, ph Closed Author: Lost
Chronos 4 Traditional, b/solo, magic, time, bdom, inc Ask Author: Elerneron (talk)
Conquered 7 Interactive, Rape, Torture, All Content Permitted and Possible Ask Author: Illumipony (talk)
The Cunt Copier 1 Traditional, Mg(6-12), Mb, MF, bg, ScFi, md, ds, bd, ws, va, slavery, humil, weird, sad, tor Errors Only Author: Bernd Lauert (Talk)
Crowded 0 Interactive, Roleplay, cons, consensual, 1st, Virgin, creampie, cum in pussy, preg, rough, oral, deepthroating, anal, vaginal, vag, piv, pia, tod, toys, bdsm, group, orgy, g/solo, rom, masturbation, sex, sleeping sex, Mdom, m(15)/g(8),m(15)/g(6), m(15)/g(12), m(15)/g(5), m(15)/g(6)incest, m(15)/g(10)interr, orgasm, stomach distension, inflation, cum inflation, come inflation, Multiple Ages, Consensual Sex, WIP Do not edit yet. Author: TwistOfFate

D - G

Story Pages Story Codes Editing Permissions Notes
Day and Night 0 Interactive, all-H,h, group, pare, solo, tod, inc Errors Only Author: Dude1990
The Day It Became Legal 3 Traditional, Small Interactive, M/f, Rape, oral, vaginal, Stabbing/Cutting Maybe Errors Only Author: Maadman12
Demon Infected 6 Traditional, f/F/H/h/H, Futanari, Tentacles, Monsters, NonCon, Torture, Transformation, Anal Sex, Violence, Necrophilia, Bestiality, Magic, Contemporary Fantasy, Inflation, Come Inflation Errors Only Author: LoliTentacles
Disastrous Wishes 1 Traditional, f/F, Semi-NonCon, Masturbation, Bodyswap, OtherWeirdness Errors Only Author: LoliTentacles
Dream Machine 4 Interactive, M/f, M/g, all, rape, tod, bd Open Author: Mosethos17
Exhibitionist Boy 3 Interactive, exhib, inc Closed Author: softboy
Exhibitionist Girl 12 Interactive, m/f, f/f, M/f, F/f, f/solo, blackmail, humil, va, exhib, oral, piv, veg, bi, 1st, caution Errors Only Author: BlueCrow
Futagirl and Jailbait: Origins 1 Traditional, H/h/H/f/m, Futanari, NonCon, Torture, Transformation, Tentacles, Anal Sex, Violence, Superhero, Cum Inflation, Mental Errors Only Author: LoliTentacles
Futa Skyrim 4 Traditional, H/h/H, Futanari, NonCon, Torture, Transformation, Tentacles, Anal Sex, Violence, Necrophilia, Bestiality, Magic, Fantasy, Dragons, Inflation, Come Inflation Errors Only Author: LoliTentacles

H - K

Story Pages Story Codes Editing Permissions Notes
Jana 1 Traditional Errors Only Author: Felix Zane (Talk)
John 1 Traditional Errors Only Author: Felix Zane (Talk)
I don't go skinnydipping anymore 1 Traditional, g, nosex Closed Author: Saint_Entropy


L - O

Story Pages Story Codes Editing Permissions Notes
The Last Boy on Earth 15 Game, b, F, f, g, H, h, futanari, All Content Permitted and Possible,
Obviously no yaoi, as there are no other males . . . and it's in the Loli Stories section.
Open Author: Elerneron(Talk)
Lauras Epic Life 0 Dark, Fg, scat, ff, sn, vore, digestion, watersports, All Content Possible,
Laura realizes that she has the perfect sextoy... and toilet living in her house.
Open Author: Sarahcortez1(Talk)
The Lewd House Lewd Scenes 38 Unreleased material from "The Lewd House" Template:Closed, do not edit unless on "The Lewd House" writing staff Author: Jemini(Talk)
Life with a clumsy little sister 1 Traditional, m(17)/g(4), g/solo, tod, inc, oral, rom, feet, g1st, ws Errors Only Author: J.Mus (Talk)
Life with Katie 0 M(32)/f(10) con inc romantic Template:CLOSED Author: Notawriter
Little Sister 13 Interactive, Mf+g+, impregnation, con, exhib WIP Do not edit yet. Author: Quiller
A Loli's ENF Adventure 133 Interactive, All Open Author: NoGo45 (Talk)
The loli's perspective 42 Interactive, M/g, g/M, g/F, g/b, g/g Group, Oral, Masturbation, Incest, Consensual, non-consensual, child abuse Open Author: Jemini (Jemini), Twinklestar (Talk)
Loli Bum 1 g(7)/m(17), oral, toys, cat Errors Only Author: NaughtyLoli (Talk)
Louise Belcher's Day at Bob's Burgers 30 Interactive, f/m, f/f, f/M, f/F, incest, orgy, vaginal, anal, oral WIP Do not edit yet. Author: Smokino
Loving Stepfather 1 M/F, M/g, M/Fg, con, inc, exhib, piv, pet, oral WIP Do not edit yet. Author: Ghostfather (Talk)
The Magic of Ellie 8 m(16)/g(12), traditional, cons, rom, oral, supernatural, slow Closed Author: RSantag (Talk)
Making the Team 51 Interactive, m+/g, group, orgy, piv, oral, anal, inc, rape, reluc Open Author: Wassersaeufer (Talk)
Mami's Busy 1 g(6)/F(28), yuri, g/solo, inc, cons, oral Closed Author: User:Fundlip
The minor molester 1 Traditional, g(8)/M, gdom, bd, ds, sad, cbt, va, spank, oral, anal, M1st, g1st Errors Only Author: J.Mus (Talk)
Moonvale Moira 1 Traditional, g(9)/M, g/solo, oral, piv, anal Errors Only Author: J.Mus (Talk)
My Life Story 1 Interactive, m/f, oral, piv, inc, cons, 1st, safe, preg, rom Closed Author: ZieglerYuri (Talk)
Nymphsaga 7 Traditional, anything/g, any kind of consent, bd, best, bi, ds, exhib, interr, magic, mc, preg, rough, ScFi, tg, viol, caution Closed Author: Innocent Ruin (Talk)
Ongoing Story (from editthis) 1 Traditional, g(9)/M, ggggM, oral, piv, anal Open Author: twomasks (Talk)
Oppai Place and The Game 1 Traditional, g(10), g(6), breast, lac Errors Only Author: Phox (Talk)

P - S

Story Pages Story Codes Editing Permissions Notes
Payment Rendered 1 MFfgg, slavery, exhib, impreg Closed Author: Quiller (Talk)
Pedo's Dream 2 Interactive, All Open Author: Jebb06 (Talk)
Pedo Paradise 59 Interactive, All Open Author: Thecoolkid15 (Talk)
Pedo Romp 124 Interactive, All Open Author: shino (Talk) hgcollins (Talk)
Phineas & Ferb: Fireside Tales Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 7 g/g(10), g/M+, g/solo, dp, toys, exhib, trib, g/f+(16-18), ds, best, ph, toys, fdom, va, inc Closed Author: Lost
Phineas & Ferb: Isabella's Enlightenment 1 g/g, g/M+, g/solo, mc, exhib, toys Closed Author: Lost
Proper Grooming Technique 17 M/g, M/f, m/g, m/f, grooming, slow, rape [[User talk:{{{User}}}|Ask]] Author: Jemini
Public Nudity 163 Interactive, All Open Author: Lamppost (Talk)
Saga Of The Lolimancer 0 M/f+, rom, Ask WIP Do not edit yet.
Sex Positive 1 Traditional, M/g, g(8), rim Closed Author: Loligagger (Talk)
Step daughters 80 Traditional, M/g Ask Author: User:Enzo
Stuck in Traffic 1 Traditional, M/f Errors Only Author: User:Santa
Sold on the Web 14 Interactive, f(13), M/f, and much more to come Ask Author: Freak (Talk)
The Smell of Cum in the Morning 1 Interactive, M+m/g, Group, Oral, Masturbation, Masturbating, Incest, Consensual Errors Only Author: NaughtyLoli (Talk)
Sortie 22 Interactive, Slow Burn, M/g, M+/g, m/g, m+/g, humil, rape, ws, va, viol Errors Only Author: nondoody (Talk)
The Story of Hanna 49 Interactive, anything/g, any kind of consent, bd, best, ds, isekai, magic, mc, preg, sm, slavery, tg, tragic, torture, va, viol, caution Errors Only Author: Innocent Ruin (Talk)
Summer Holiday 123 Interactive, Mg, MMg, Mgg,Mb, Mbaby oral, anal, vag, all Open Author: Santa

T - W

Story Pages Story Codes Editing Permissions Notes
Teen Titans: Ignorance is Bliss 1 f/f, f/M+, exhib, mc, dp, rim Closed Author: Lost
A Troubled Student 1 M/f, traditional, con, handjob, one-shot Closed Author: RSantag (Talk)
Uncanny Valley 62 MF, Mf, NonCon, Anal, Oral, Marturbation, Incest, BDSM Closed Author: Qimakio
Uncle Dave: The not so virtuous pedophile 15 Interactive, Group, Masturabation, Incest Errors Only Author: David (Talk)
Vault 69 32 Interactive, fanfic, All Content Permitted and Possible Open Author: Elerneron (Talk)
VR Girls 4 Traditional, F/f, tv, ScFi, dream Spelling Only Author:Yang.lumièreN (Talk), Ying.lumiereN (Talk)
Whodunnit 86 Interactive, All WIP Do not edit yet. Author: Purre (Talk)

X - Z

Story Pages Story Codes Editing Permissions Notes
Yet Another Fantasy 2.0 9 Traditional, g, f, futa, anal, bd, best, blackmail, caution, cons, creampie, ds, dream, fdom, fembot, fist, furry, giant, goth, humi, inc, isekai, mc, magic, fsolo, gsolo, hsolo, nc, nosex, ped, preg, rape, reluc, rom, rough, tg, tort, toys, tragic, veg, viol, virg, vore, voy, ws, forniphilia, unbirth, transformation, nullication/amuptee Spelling Only Author: GMMD (Talk)
The Zoologists 117 Interactive, All Open Author: Ploxs (Talk)