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L - O

Story Pages Story Codes Editing Permissions Notes
Labyrinth of Lust 108 Interactive, All/all, Alldom, furry, magic
Imported from Create Your Own Story
Open Started by: Mokarran
The Lab Cubs and Company 26 Game; all w/o M/M, m/m or M/m; fanfic, inc, best possible, ws and scat minimal, tod, no killing, no vor, minimal viol, no magic, size, WIP Do not edit yet. Author: Tkwas
Legal 74 Interactive All Content Permitted and Possible Open Author:
Legend of Zelda Fucking Through Time 2 Game Ask Rules Author:
Life Hacks 723 Game, All Content Permitted and Possible Rules Started By:Elerneron(Talk)
Life of a 13 year old 373 Interactive All Content Permitted and Possible Open Started by: Bojangles - Transfered by: SkankWriter(Talk)
A Little Conversation at the End 4 Interactive, All, Anything but Male/Male, gore, scat, watersports, Vor, and character death Open By: Telgar (Talk)
Lil Eve 27 Interactive, exhib, tod, rape ,all, g, Anything but pee or scat  Open By: SumireIzumi (Talk)
Loli Lewd Adventure 40 Interactive, exhib, tod, rape ,all, g, Anything but pee or scat Open By: SumireIzumi (Talk)
Manufactured Misfortune 33 Interactive, All Open Started By: NoGo45
The Mark of Fate 7 Interactive All Content Permitted and Possible Rules Started by: Elerneron(Talk)
May You be Free 5 Interactive All Content Permitted and Possible Open Started by: Justdudemanguy(Talk)
Maya's Fantasy 9 Traditional, gb, MFgb reluc, oral, anal first, inc, ws, humil, rape, cons, bond, Fdom Closed By: HG Collins(Talk)
Meldy 1 Traditional, M+/g, g/g, oral, rape, va, viol Closed By: Innocent Ruin(Talk)
Memoir of a Child Slut 8 Traditional, All, varied Closed Started By: Villenia (Talk)
Mindslaver V2. 4 Interactive, M, F, f, g, M/F, F/F, f/f, M/g, M/F+, M/f+, M/g+, Fbot, Fbot+, gbot, gbot+, bd, best, blackmail, inc, mc, nc, nec, tod, reluc, sad, sm, viol, snuff, tort, rom, Mdom, Fdom, fdom, gdom, ds, humil, rough, spank, va, cheat, interr, swing, exhib, hyp, inf, magic, oral, pett, piv, safe, solo, toys, voy, bi, breast, feet, caution, micro, preg, size, 1st, M1st, F1st, f1st, g1st, dream, fanfic, furry, giant, goth, hist, humor, parody, ScFi, time, BF, Bf, Bg, WM, AF, Af, Ag Ask Author: God, Feast. (talk)
Mother's Helping Hand 230 Traditional M/g, M/f, M/F See rules and Conditions for approved, encouraged, banned and discouraged content Ask Author: Telgar (talk)
Co-Author: Jemini (talk)
My Home 8 Semi-interactive by vote, All Content Permitted and Possible (according to vote) Closed (vote on latest entry only) Author:
Naked in Public 6 Interactive, humil, spank, Fdom, gdom, Mdom, most other content possible but no scat, death, guro, castration Ask Author:
Naked in School 6 Traditional, all,solo,orgy,inc,nc,exhib,safe,bi,hs. Kinky is fine, but nothing extreme or gross. Rules Started by: Cum Girl(Talk)
The Necrotic Sex Theology 6 Traditional, all, nec, snuff, magic, undead No guro Open I figured "why not make something specific with this sort of niche in mind", so here it is. Started by:Megamegatron99 (talk)
A New Life 3 Traditional, All Content Permitted and Possible Closed Author: Darkside(talk)
Nikara World 4 Loli, Shota, Supernatural, Magic, Interactive, All Content except Gore & Scat Open MalcivMurmur (talk)
Offline 162 Interactive, All, varied Nicole Open Other paths Closed ...for now Started By: Villenia (Talk)