Pedo Paradise/Pediatric doctor.

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Your Name is Anna. You have just established your private practice in a Big city with the help of some clients you that you found with the help of some dark web forums. You are gay but have always had a lust for children. This is why You are about 5’6” a solid 120. You are almost always working out, kickboxing and yoga. You are gay but have always had a lust for children. You have never found a partner because of this. You Long black hair with purple and pink streaks. Your always well groomed, you have average size breast (32c) You where a prodigy and graduated top of your class and was able to breeze through your residency.

It was when you start jokingly looking for a job in the “community” was it told your loans were bought and you would be working at “your own” private practice. Your agreement was that you would record all your visits and leave detailed notes. You arrive at your office and your nurse and partner Celina is already there getting the place ready. She is a Hispanic female, more athletic build then you dark hair and bigger breast. She shares your same taste but she is bi.

Celina: "Good morning, Doctor…." which was punctuated with a deep tongue kiss "…you have 5 patients today and 4 of them assessments for further action." Her mouth curled into a evil smile.

You: Who are the lucky families?

Celina: We have Tina Johnson age 10 in for an activity assessment, Jason Tashman 14 in for surgical assessment, ooohh Lana Hernandez 6 in for assignment assessment, she ought to be fun…Nania Patel age 5 first visit.. and…" she pauses looks at me and smiles, "….acup! And it's her birthday!!!"

You: "Ooooh today!" you actually are blushing "...omg..i look like hell..i need to change.."

Celina: "Honey..." Celina says patting you on the shoulder "…you will look great. Plus… you two are a perfect couple so relax."

Acup’s name is Cheryl henderson she is just turning 10 (your favorite age). You call her "acup" cause she has in your opinion has the perfect breast. You two have developed a friendship over her 6 years visiting you as well as her parents. She is in your eyes perfect and would love to date Cheryl. You know a club where you can go to have this kind of fun. You can’t wait to see her.

Who do you see first…?