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* [[Sexy Fun Times/12yo on the pill|Skip forward a month]]
* [[Sexy Fun Times/12yo on the pill|Skip forward a month]]
* [[Sexy Fun Times/6yo masturbator|Skip forward a week]]
* [[Sexy Fun Times/6yo masturbator|Skip forward a week]]
* [[Sexy Fun Times/xxx|xxx]]
* [[Sexy Fun Times/4th grade sex ed|After lunch, you go to a private school to give a fourth grade class sex ed.]]
* [[Sexy Fun Times/xxx|xxx]]
* [[Sexy Fun Times/xxx|xxx]]
[[Category:Sexy Fun Times|You're a doctor]]
[[Category:Sexy Fun Times|You're a doctor]]

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You select a polo shirt and slacks with white socks and loafers; no underwear, it only gets in the way. It's a sunny day, so you put the top down on the Jag, enjoying the way women look at you during the short drive to the office.

Your receptionist/nurse, Sally and your partner, Jim are already in the back room drinking coffee when you get to the office. Sally is a cliche of a receptionist; pretty, blonde hair and glasses and a cleavage that shows nicely through the open front of her white coat. Jim is older; in his fifties, with grey hair and a neatly trimmed beard. Jim is yawning and Sally is teasing him about his lack of stamina, coming in to work tired after a hot date the night before.

There's a knock on the front door and Sally opens up, even though it's not quite time yet. The impatient patient is one of Jim's; a woman in her thirties who needs a prescription to boost her husband's flagging libido. "I don't know about him, I'm sure Doctor Jim is not just the thing to cheer her up," Sally says with a grin.

Your first patient isn't due for a while so you sit down at your desk and go through her notes. She's a twelve-year-old girl and her mother is concerned that she starting a sexual relationship with her boyfriend and she wants to put her on the pill. Your consulting room is quite spacious and your desk is against the wall underneath the window so that patients sit next to you rather than across the desk. On one wall is a sink with lever-operated taps and some shelves for rubber gloves and creams et cetera; the opposite side has an examination couch inside a curtained off area. On the wall, there are large posters of a naked man and a woman with their reproductive systems shown in detail.

The girl's mother is overweight and wearing far too much make-up and jewellery; her daughter is also a little overweight but quite pretty with curly brown hair and braces on her teeth. She is wearing her school uniform; white shirt, short tartan pleated skirt, with long white socks and black Mary Janes. You start by asking her about herself and establish that she is only just twelve years old and that she likes school okay (but not maths). You put her on the scales and she weighs in at over a hundred pounds and is just under five feet tall. Her thirty-two-inch chest and twenty-seven-inch waist are above average for her age and height, but not alarmingly so. You tell her that you need to do a more intimate exam and that she should get undressed and get up on the couch.

The mother has hardly said a word so far; she's looking at a fashion magazine she picked up in reception, and when you go over to the curtained-off exam area, she makes no attempt to come with you; in truth, she doesn't actually seem very interested. The girl is sitting sideways on the couch, still wearing her panties; the rest of her clothes are in an untidy heap on a chair. "Lie on your back and take your panties off," you say. She looks a bit startled and doesn't move. "It's okay, I'm a doctor," you say; "if you're going to go on the pill I need to examine you properly." Somewhat reluctantly, she swings herself around and then lifts her hips so that she can tug her panties down over the swell of her bottom; you help her get them over her feet and drop them on top of her other clothes.

You turn to close the curtain and to check on the mother who is still leafing through her magazine. You start the exam: starting with her mouth and her tongue; then down to her breasts. She starts a little when you gently palpate her small tits. "I have to check for abnormalities," you say by way of reassurance as you roll her erect nipples between finger and thumb; "you're quite well-developed for your age aren't you,". She giggles as you work your way down over the swell of her belly and then ask her to lift her knees. She is getting used to being ordered about now and makes no objection when you spread them apart to get a proper look at her.

"Are you going to be much longer?" The mother's voice from the other side of the curtain makes you jump. "I need the bathroom; will you be okay honey?"

"Yes Mom," the girl says; she's looking at you, looking at her almost hairless pussy and she smiles.

"So, how long have you been having sex," you ask as you spread KY jelly over her pussy lips.

"N, N, not long," she stammers as you slide a gloved finger into her vagina.

"Did you enjoy it?" You feel her internal muscles clamping down on your finger.

"Err, yes... It was okay... I suppose," she says. Her eyes are wide and she is breathing through her mouth as you explore the inside of her vagina. "Are you supposed to do that," she asks as you use your thumb to stimulate her clitoris.

"Oh yes; I have to make sure that everything is working properly." You increase the pressure on her clit and see her skin begin to flush before her hips start to buck as her climax hits her. She is gasping but mercifully not too noisy as you withdraw your finger. "Excellent," you say; "you can get dressed now." You hand her some tissues and step out through the curtain. "By the time she comes out, still looking slightly red in the face, her mother has returned and you all sit down again. "I have given her a thorough exam and there seems to be no reason why she shouldn't go on the pill, you say. "You turn to the girl; "it takes a whole month before you can be sure it's working so you must use condoms until then at least. You give her the lecture about 'safe sex' and tell her that Sally will give her some to start with and she should make an appointment for four weeks time for a second check.

"It's hard to get the time off work," the mother grumbles, and you tell her that you could see the girl on her own after school if they are both okay with that. "I thought I had to come with her," she says.

"Strictly speaking, you should, but my receptionist is a nurse, so it will probably be okay for her to stand in for you."

Sally gives the girl a pack of ten condoms as they leave; "if you need any more you will have to buy them at the pharmacy," she says with a smile. The mother takes them off her and practically drags the girl out of the office.

Your next patient is already waiting. This one's a little boy about six years old and his mother explains that he's got a sore penis. You sit him up on the exam couch so that you can have a close look; he is quite well endowed for a little boy and the head of his penis does look rather sore, you can't find any obvious reason why. When you pull his foreskin back, he reacts by getting an erection. "Jonathan; I told you to behave yourself," his mother says.

The boy goes beetroot red and you turn to the mother. "It's perfectly normal," you say; "in fact, I'd be more worried if he didn't react. It might be better if I had a word in private with him," you say. She harumphs but goes back to the waiting room. "Right," you say as you start to slide the loose skin up and down the boy's cock. "You play with it a lot do you?" He swallows hard and nods. "You need to be more careful then; do it gently and not too often; keep it down to no more than two or three times a day." All the time your talking, you're masturbating him and he's clearly enjoying the experience. "Does anyone else do this for you," you ask.

He nods. "My friend Jimmy and I do it for each other sometimes."

"You just use your hands do you?" He nods again. "The way I'm doing it is best; squeeze on the upstroke, and relax on the down. Have you ever tried sucking it?"

He looks a bit shocked and shakes his head. "I can't bend down that far," he says with a slight giggle.

"I meant you and Jimmy; sucking each other. You should try it; I'll show you if you like; just remember that what goes on between the doctor and his patient is always a secret." Without waiting for a reply you lean over and suck the stiff little stalk into your mouth using your tongue to lick the head. It only takes a few seconds before he starts gasping and thrusting into your mouth.

You get him dressed and hand him back to his mother. "I'll give him some cream to rub on and I think he should come back in a week," you say. As they go out of the door he turns his head you wink at him, making him giggle.

"That's it for a while," Sally says; "you want me to come in and help you with your problem?"

Moments later, we're back in my consulting room and Sally's on her knees in front of you with your "problem" in her mouth, well, half of it anyway, and it's not long before she's swallowing a load of cum.