Step daughters/Do-good-Mom

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You wake up to the screams of a toddler crying, soon followed by a 6 years old crying loudly as well and her big 10 years old sister screaming toward her. To complete the scene you can hear their mom trying desperately to make breakfast while calming every one making her toddler stop crying and failing all but the breakfast.

You get up, put some trousers and a shirt and go see what it is all about.

The toddler obviously needs to be cleaned up and probably fed. The 6 years old is crying that the 10 years old pinched her and the 10 years old is screaming that her sister hurt her first. The mother is doing her best but she is agitated and only succeeds in making all her daughters even more stressed out.

You maybe aren't that great with kids but at least you know a few things you can do. Without a word you go clean up and rock the toddler who stops crying. Then you go between the two sisters to prevent them to hit each others and, with an authoritative tone made extremely effective since you are a male stranger, send them both back to the table at opposite places.

Every one starts to calm down and the mom looks at you like you are some kind of superman who came here to save her. Her look of utter relief makes you smile.

After the breakfast the mom sends every one to school except the toddler who she finally starts to breastfeed.

"Wow thanks a lot there, I sure could use your help more!" says Anna.

You can't help but notice that she seems to react a bit, involuntarily, to her daughter sucking on her tit.

"Oh I can't imagine how hard it is to raise three kids like that on your own" you say with empathy.