Step daughters/Do-good-Mom/first Monday

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As promised you are waiting before the gates of the girls mid-school. For the occasion you are even a bit early and wait with all the other parents watching the kids with attention.

You feel a bit like a kid before an ice cream truck where he can only look and dream ... except here the kids are the ice creams and you wish you had an ice cream trunk just there.

Very disciplined the young Chloe is the first one to arrive at the gates. You have to wait Laura for a while which means your alone time with the girls will really be quite limited.

Eventually Laura arrives and you take both of them home.

As asked by their mom you start with a snack ... and there first catastrophe: just while you tuned your back on them you see with a corner of your eye Laura throw sauce on her sister to dirty her nice dress and Chloe starts screaming instantly.

You turn back and: