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Chloe looks at you shocked so you make her rest her torso on Laura.

To Laura, directive: "Now put down her pants and panty and spank her!"

Chloe, crying: "Nooooo, no no no"

Laura hesitates a little then pull down the clothes to show her sister's butt naked. She watches you hesitantly and then ... gives a light tap on her sister's ass.

You: "Harder"

Laura grins a bit but gives another hit. Then another. And again. And again. And again.

Chloe is now just sobbing, motionless as her ass gets redder and Laura gets more and more involved.

You: "Wait! We need to see if that is enough."

You come closer and put your hand all over Chloe's ass ... then you go further and caress her slit with your finger, making her jump a little. You put your whole hand between her legs and tickle her clitoris for a few seconds getting her very agitated once again before removing your hand and ...

You: "Almost done but you can keep going a little"

Laura starts again to spank her sister but soon stops to push a finger in her sister slit. Chloe screams loudly.