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You lift him up so that he is sitting on your chest and it's easy to bend forward and suck his not-so-little cock into your mouth. You put your hands out and wrap them around his firm young bottom, pulling him in until his little balls are squashed against your chin. You work a finger around to press against his arsehole and when he thrusts forward, you're not sure if you try to get away from your finger, or reacting to the sensation.

You lift him up and lay him down on his back and he just lays there looking up at you. He doesn't look at all frightened, even when you kneel between his legs and start sliding your cock against his cock and balls. You shuffle forward, getting your knees under his thighs and lifting him up. You put his ankles up on your shoulders and now you can see the tight little pucker of his anus and you start sliding the head of your cock down over it.

You look up at his face and you can see that he's biting his bottom lip, but he still doesn't look scared and that encourages you to start pushing forward. Your cock is as stiff as a poker, but there's no way you're going to be able to push it into that tight opening, so you suck a finger into your mouth to scoop up some saliva for lubrication and press your finger against his little starfish. For once you're glad you bite your nails as the blunt end of your finger gradually opens up his sphincter until it pops in, right up to the second knuckle.

His mouth is open and his eyes wide, but he's making no attempt to get away from your invading finger. You pull it out, and not caring that it's been in his arse, you suck it again to get more spit and this time it slips in more easily. Your cock is drooling pre-cum and that, together with the spit, seems to be enough as you press it forward again. You look up and he is biting his lip again. "Just relax and imagine you're doing a poo," you say and you feel some of the tension go out of his muscles and then, just like that, your in.

The feeling is not that much different to when you grip it tightly with your hand, but the whole situation with this pretty young boy spread out in front of you with a couple of centimetres of your cock buried in his arse is enough to get you off. As you feel your balls clench, you can't help thrusting forward, and you feel him wince. After pumping a couple of jets of spunk into his bowels, you gradually pull back and unload the remainder over his cock and balls.