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His hands are quite small and when he grips your shaft his fingers only just go all the way around. "Nice and slow," you tell him, "and squeeze on the upstroke."

He soon gets the idea and you reach out and catch hold of his cock between two fingers and your thumb. You sit there side-by-side for a while wanking each other's cocks and looking at pictures. There's one showing a man and a woman in the sixty-nine position with her on top, him sucking on her cunt and her apparently doing her best to swallow his cock.

"Did you say your Aunty Susan sucked your cock," you ask. He nods. You point at the picture with your free hand. "Do you want to try that?"

He has to think about that for a few moments and he lets go of your cock and looks closely at it, then he kind of shrugs. "Okay I guess," he says. Then he has another thought. "You won't tell mum about it will you?"

You smile "as if you were ever going to tell his mum anything about what you were planning." "Of course not," you say, "I think we'd both be in trouble if she finds out."

You stand up and undo your belt buckle. "Why don't we go into your bedroom," you say. He stands up and steps out of his shorts. You keep hold of your jeans and walk through into his bedroom before sitting on his bed to pull them right off. He stands in front of you wearing nothing but a T-shirt and you reach out and peel it off over his head leaving him completely naked. Apart from the cock sticking out between his legs, he could easily be a girl and a pretty one that even though his skin is very pale. You keep your T-shirt on, lay back on the narrow bed and wrap your hand around your stiff cock.

At first, he just stands there looking at you and you hump over a little so that he can get up beside you. When he does, you put your arm out and pull him across so that he is laying on top of you. He doesn't weigh very much and for a few moments, you enjoy laying there just holding him. The kiss is a surprise. He just stretches up, presses his lips against yours and you feel his tongue pushing into your mouth. You soon get over the shock and start kissing him back until you both have to break off to catch a breath.

Even though you'd seen plenty of pictures in magazines, you never really expected to suck a boy's cock. When you went swimming and saw boys running around naked in the changing room, it didn't turn you on, but having this pretty young boy's body pressed against yours makes you wonder.