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Jason sits up and looks interested when I tell him about Aunty Susan. "Did you really fuck her," he asks.

You don't really know what fuck means, although you've heard the word. "Is fuck like having sex," you ask. He says it is, and you tell him you fucked Aunty Susan lots of times.

"Wow!" he says. "You're a lucky little boy. I'm twice your age and still haven't done it." He went quiet for a bit. "I wank a lot, but I guess that's not the same," he says.

"What's wank," you ask and he explains wanking is when you rub your cock until you climax.

"I don't suppose you make any spunk yet, do you," he asks.

You're learning lots of new words: fuck, wank and now spunk. "What's spunk?"

Jason grins. "For a boy with your experience, you don't know much, do you. Spunk is what squirts out of your cock when you have sex. There's loads of little sperms in it and they are what makes a girl pregnant. They're made in your balls."

You sit and think about this then… "Do you squirt spunk?" Jason nods. "Could you show me?"

Jason gives you a funny look. "I suppose." He thinks for a few moments. "You hang on here and I'll get something from my bedroom," he says and before you can answer he's gone out of the front door.

When he gets back he is carrying some magazines and he puts them down on the table. You go over and sit next to him and open one. It's got a picture of a naked woman with her legs spread apart, showing off her vagina just like Aunty Susan used to do. You turn the page and there's the same woman but this time there is a man with her and he is naked too. "Wow!" You say. "He's got a huge cock."

Jason nods. "All the men in these pictures have huge cocks, I expect that's the reason they get picked."

In the next picture, the man's got his cock in the woman's mouth and you can see that she has to open wide to let it in. "Aunty Susan used to do that, but mine is only little," you say. "Is yours very big?"

Jason shakes his head. "Nothing like the men in the pictures, but I expect it's bigger than yours. Do you want to see it?"

"Yeah, okay. Tell you what, you show me yours and I'll show you mine," you say.

Jason opens the front of his jeans and pulls his out while you pull your shorts and underpants down to free yours. You're both stiff and you can see that Jason's right about his cock not being anywhere near as big as the men in the pictures, but it is pretty much twice as big as yours.

"It looks pretty big for a six-year-old," Jason says. You're both sitting there rubbing yourselves; Jason can wrap his hand right around his, but you use two fingers and a thumb.

"Are you going to squirt," you ask.

Jason shakes his head. "I already did it once this morning so I expect it'll be quite hard to do it again so soon."

As you watch him rub it, an idea pops into your head. When Aunty Susan rubbed yours it was better than when you did it yourself, and it was better still when she sucked you. "Shall I rub it for you," you say.