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I simply want to write a fantasy story...where do I begin to type ?....I find it VERY difficult to navigate this forum...I just want to write smut and fantasy.

Well, you do sort of have a point on that. Most people wind up writing in the "Meta Stories" category, which might as well be called "Uncategorized." The other threads are "Loli," "Shota," and "Furry." So, if your story involves underage girls but no underage boys, it goes in "Loli." If it involves underage boys but no underage girls, it goes in "Shota." If it involves Furries, then regardless of gender it goes under "Furries." Then, "Meta Stories" is the category that mostly does not have furries but may involve a mix in the genders of the underage sex interests. For the most part, it is confusing more because of the lack of organization rather than it being overly complicated. For the most part, I just write all my stuff under "Meta Stories" in order to avoid all that mess. Jemini (talk) 23:09, 22 August 2017 (CEST)