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The old man takes you to the basement as he explains who he keeps there and why.

"The dungeon is for bad girls. Violent, evil, girls. Murders, rapists, torturers, child-killers. They have lost their rights to fair treatment or a decent life." The old man was now at the bottom of the steps, and before him are a half dozen women and girls, some with only a hand or leg tied to one of the ceiling collums, others completely or even painfully bound. Two specimens are hanging off the floor, the younger of them upside down, ball gagged, and blindfolded.

"They have lost my respect." He concludes.

Bad girls2.jpg

The rules you agreed to as we entered the Casa do not apply to them. You do not have to ask them if you want something from them. You do not have to listen to what they say. In the end it doesn't matter what happens to them.

On racks on the wall you notice a large variety of tools for pleasure and pain.