The Village/Friday April 27/Janet/Mr Baker

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On Friday afternoons you do sport. The boys play cricket with Mr Baker and the girls play rounders with Miss Harmsworth. While you're waiting your turn to bat, you watch the boys. Mr Baker is showing a boy how to bat standing close behind him, holding his hands in the right places. You can't help thinking about how his cock must be pressing against the boy's bum. Eventually, he walks away and leaves them to it and when he sees you looking he smiles.

The boys are all wearing their PE kit; white shorts and shirts and long socks with gym shoes, but the girls have to wear short skirts which means that every time we run or bend over and knickers are on display. When it's your turn to bat, you give the ball really good whack and set off running round the bases. Just as you think you're going to get all the way, you catch your foot on something and end up sprawled full length on the grass.

You lay there, slightly winded for a few seconds and then feel a strong pair of arms lifting you up. Mr Baker has come to your rescue. You're not really hurt, even though your knees are covered in green grass, but Mr Baker calls out "I think she's hurt her knee; I'll take her in and give her some first-aid." Miss Harmsworth waves her agreement and he asks her to keep an eye on the boys while he's gone. He scoops you up in his arms and carries you off the field and you put your arm around his neck and snuggle up against his chest.

The school has a little first-aid room which is basically a big cupboard with a table and two chairs in it and a cupboard on the wall which contains little more than a few aspirins and some sticking plasters. He carried you in and sits you on the table, kicking the door shut behind him. "Now, let's have a look at this knee," he says.

"It's all right," you say. "I'm not really hurt."

"I think I need to check you out properly," he replies and puts his hands on your knees and give them a squeeze. "Does that hurt," he asks. You shake your head. As well as giving you a squeeze, he's pushing your knees apart. "Are you sure you didn't hurt anywhere else," he asks.