The Village/Friday April 27/Janet/Mr Baker/In The Hands of a Master

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"Naughty little girls need teaching a lesson," he says and pushes you back onto the table. You try to sit up again, but he can easily hold you down and in truth, you're not really trying all that hard. He pushes your skirt up around your waist and looks at your official school knickers. He reaches up hooks his fingers in the elastic and you obligingly lift your bum to allow him to pull them down, almost all the way until they end up hanging on one foot.

He stands there for what seems like ages, just looking at you and licking his lips with his long pink tongue.

He begins at your flat belly and grazes his lips over the navel, watching your tummy rise and fall as your breathing becomes more enthusiastic. He gets his shoulders under your thighs and gazes at the pink flower between your legs, kissing the inside of your right thigh, then suckling the inside of your left. He breathes in your scent and with his long, thick tongue he tastes you and moistens his lips with the taste of salt and honey from your vagina.

He seems so overcome by your flavour that he wraps his arms around your legs and pulls you closer to his face, burying his mouth in your sex. You know that he feels your juices soaking his lips but it only makes him more excited. He dances his tongue around and around like some wicked waltz responding to your gasps and moans. You follow his lead, grinding yourself against his mouth, using him as an instrument with which to orchestrate the crescendo of your desire.

He flicks his tongue across your clit like a stick on a snare drum and inserts not one but two eager fingers into your slick centre. Your moan rises into a pleasure-filled shriek but he doesn't care as he feels you gasp quicker and faster and your walls close tight around his fingers until finally, you release in a succulent explosion that leaves his mouth soaking to the bottom of his nose and his hand wet with your juices.

You lay back on the table, exhausted, sprawled and unable to open your eyes, but with a contented smile on your lips as the waves of your body's aftershock shake you.

When you open your eyes, he standing up in front of you with a smile on his face. You can see his stiff cock tenting the front of his jog pants and you can't help shivering as you assume that he's about to fuck you. Instead, he reaches out and gently lifts you up before catching hold of your knickers and sliding them up your legs. When you stand up, you find yourself a bit wobbly, but he steadies you while you make yourself respectable again.

Before you leave, he leans down and kisses you; no tongues this time, just the gentle press of his lips against yours. "Thank you," is all he says as he opens the door and leads you back out to the playing fields.