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You look across at her and smile as she buttons up her shirt. "What do you think?"
You look across at her and smile as she buttons up her shirt. "What do you think?"
*[[The Village/John/The Babysitter|xxx]]
*[[The Village/John/The Prostitute|Visiting the prostitute]]
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*[[The Village/xxx|xxx]]
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[[Category:The Village|The Howards]]

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Mary is the daughter of one of your tenants and when Jane put the word out that she needed a babysitter for the occasional evening, she came up to see us. She is only twelve years old, but a strapping, good-looking girl and looks well capable of keeping our two kids in line so we took her on.

Both Jane and I belong to a golf club and they had a regular dinner dance every Friday evening, so now that we have someone to mind the children, we feel able to go and leave them. It was raining when we got home and, knowing that Mary lives some distance away, you offer to drive her. Of course, you have had a fair amount to drink, but there's hardly any traffic and no police so you're not too worried.

It's not until she gets into the passenger seat that you realise quite how short her skirt is. In fact, as she wriggles about, trying to get comfortable on the leather seat, it rides up even further and when you lean forward to wipe the mist from the windscreen you can see her white knickers. You immediately feel guilty but when you look at her you can see that she is smiling and doesn't seem the least bit concerned about covering herself up.

The sight of all that bare flesh causes the inevitable reaction and as you turn the car around and head out of the drive, you're aware of the bulge in your lap. When you glance across, you see that she has noticed it. When she sees you looking at her, she licks her lips which looks to you like a clear invitation. You nearly swerve off the road she reaches over puts her hand on top of your bulge.

Her breasts are small but beautifully formed with erect pink nipples and when you recline her seat right back and kneel astride her you're able to suck each one in turn, which makes her groan with pleasure. When you unbutton your fly to get your cock out, you make sure she doesn't get a good look at it and soon, when you pull her knickers to one side and slide your cock against her wet pussy, you have to bite your lip to stop yourself from cumming.

You keep sliding it up and down as you keep nibbling on her stiff little nipples and you can feel her body reacting to the stimulus. When you think she's ready, you press the head against the opening of her vagina and push gently. As you push forward you watch her face and see the 'O' her mouth makes as the head of your cock spreads her pussy-lips apart.

With the head just lodged in her entrance, you hold still to allow her to get used to it before you push further in. "Fucking hell, it's a monster," she says when she reaches down and grabs hold of your shaft.

"Don't worry, I promise I'll take it easy," you say.

"It's okay; I like a big one. I'll tell you if it hurts."

It's hard to believe that this girl is only twelve years old as you push forward until more than half of your eleven inches is buried inside her tight cunt. You pull back and start fucking her and then you get up on your knees so that you can see your shaft sliding in and out. Each time you push forward it seems that she takes more, but when you see her wince, you decide that she's had enough. "Why don't you go on top," you say.

It's tricky swapping places inside the car, but you manage it and soon you're on your back holding your cock pointing up while she kneels astride and lowers herself down on the thick shaft. "You like a big cock do you," you say. She nods and you wonder whose cock she's comparing you with. "So how long have you been fucking?"

She giggles. "Ever since I was five," she says. My Uncle Cain was helping with the harvest and I was running around getting in the way, so Dad told him to take me out of the way. He's only six years older than me and we went behind the haystack and started a tickling game. When he put his hand up my dress and tickled my pussy, I liked the feeling and helped him get my knickers off because they were in the way. I've seen plenty of animals having sex, so when he got his cock out and said he was going to put it in my cunny, I just thought it was a different kind of tickling game.

The thought of two kids fucking in a haystack with the grown-ups just yards away was enough to get you off and you warn her that you're about to cum. You expect her to climb off, but she pushes down even harder as you pump spunk deep inside her belly. "It's okay, I'm on the pill," she says as you both lay there getting your breath back. You tidy yourself up, climb back into the driving seat and sit for a moment, suddenly feeling guilty at what you've done.

"Will you give me a lift home next week," she says with a grin as she stuffs the handkerchief you gave her into her knickers to soak up the spunk.

You look across at her and smile as she buttons up her shirt. "What do you think?"