The Village/Saturday April 23/Janet/The Swimming Party

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Saturday dawns bright and sunny which means that you can go to the Lido instead of the boring indoor pool. You already found your swimming costume last night and this morning you decide to try it on. You really like this costume, it's a bright blue with a picture of a dolphin on the front and back, but this is the first time you've worn it this year and you hadn't really realised how much you've grown.

It's too late to do anything about it now, so you struggle into it, even though it cuts a bit uncomfortably between your legs. You decide to show Mother so that you can make a case for getting a new one, and go downstairs to where the rest of the family is already eating breakfast.

"I think I need a new costume Mother," you say standing in the kitchen doorway. Your father is sitting at the table facing you and you see his eyebrows go up when he sees you. Andrew turns and smiles. "Looks good to me Sis," he says with a grin.

Mother comes over and looks you up and down. "Yes dear, it is a bit tight, but I suppose it'll do for today. I'll take you into town next week and we'll find you a new one," she says.

You all meet up at the bus stop. You're wearing a white tennis dress and you kept your costume on underneath because there are no changing rooms at the Lido. Andrew is carrying a backpack with the sandwiches that Mrs Johnson made and some bottles of pop, as well as towels. Susan, wearing shorts and a T-shirt, arrives just before the bus and you all pile in and bag the back seats. Andrew ends up sitting in the middle between you and Susan.

"It's been ages since I saw you Susan," Andrew says. They chat a bit about the last time they met and you try to pull your costume down where it's cutting in between your legs. "What's the matter? Got an itch," Andrew says.