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At lunchtime, you take the sandwiches Mrs Johnson made for you out into the playground. You sit on the wall watching some of the other boys kicking a ball about but are more interested in the girls playing a skipping game. Then you spot Rachel sneaking round behind the old pavilion. It isn't used any more and the doors and windows all boarded up. A few minutes after Rachel, you see Ray Chambers sneaking round there as well. Ray is a year ahead of you and a real sporty type; captain of the school football team and tipped to be Head Boy next year.

You decide to see what they're up to; no one else seems to be taking any interest so you stroll over and then carefully peek round the corner. At first, you can't really take it in, but then you realise that what you can see his Ray's bare bum going up and down between Rachel's legs. It's over pretty quickly and then, when you see Ray stand up, you dodge back so that he won't see you. When you look again, he's gone and Rachel's sitting up hugging her knees and you can tell that she is crying.

After a few moments of indecision, you walk over and sit down beside her. "What's up Rach," you ask.

She sniffs and wipes her nose with her sleeve then looks round at you. "Nuffin," she says. "Fuck off and leave me alone."

Instead of fucking off, you put your arm around her shoulders and moments later she puts her face against your chest and starts crying again. You sit there for ages without saying anything until, eventually, she sits up. "You're all right aren't you," she says. You shrug. "Ray is a real bastard," she says.