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Hello, I am a writer who really enjoys writing and contributing. I am highly likely to contribute to any given open story if it happens to catch my interest.

I really like getting feedback, and if anyone would like to see a given story more flushed out with options, feel free to make a request of me in any story I have contributed to. (Me contributing means I feel comfortable enough with it to get into it, and also have the permission of the originator either directly through contact or implicitly from leaving their story open to contribution.) You can also ask me to fill out an option in something I haven't contributed to, but there is a fairly high probability I might refuse.

I am currently trying to work on a game project, Daycare manager, for which the text draft of the game is being written here. As there is presently no code officially for the game, it cannot be saved as part of a game file. As such, the hyperlinked structure of this site is the best staging area for the text for this game.

I have noted that I will not accept requests for this game on the main page as it is being assembled in accordance with which parts of the game make the most sense to set up first. However, I have decided at this point that I am aiming to 100% finish the shy girl office molestation scene, and the Vaginal sex route within it in particular. If you would like to make a request within those specified areas of the game, I will likely respond to them. I am looking to get more interaction for the sake of motivating myself to finish it.

With my efforts on this game project, I have cut out most of the other projects I am contributing to right now. Mostly, the only other story I am really focusing on is Life Hacks just to keep myself varied up and avoiding burnout from staring at nothing but the same project for too long. (I just function better when I am doing multiple projects at the same time. One project lets me rest for the other without my mental writer's "muscles" atrophying.)

Other projects

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