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Hey there, I'm NoGo45 and I'm something of an armature writer.

I'm the primary author of two stories:

  • A Loli's ENF Adventure, a mostly lighthearted ENF story that centers around the nude escapades of preteen girls in either mundane, sci-fi, or fantasy settings.
  • Manufactured Misfortune, the story of a first year high school boy who, guided by texts from a mysterious corespondent, finds ways to expose his many beautiful female classmates.

While I have general ideas in mind I tend to make things up as I go along; as such I am completely open to any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions you may have for future chapters or alternate routes anywhere throughout my stories.

If you enjoy the premise of my works and wish to add an addition of your own then feel free to contribute, just be mindful of any guidelines set up in the opening chapters. Any questions you have can be asked on my user talk page. If you enjoy the stories and wish to leave feedback on a story as a whole then please use the discussion tab on the first page, but if you have feedback relating to individual chapters then you're welcome to use that page's specific discussion tab and I'll take a look as soon as I can.

Outside of that I also sporadically contribute to a few other stories here and there when inspiration strikes me.

Just fair warning, I'm rather inconsistent with my updates and what story or path I'm working on at the moment (especially since I've gotten a job), but rest assured I never abandon my stories and I'll eventually circle back around to them.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy my work!