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The user system is a way to interact with other contributors. To use the system, you must sign up for a user account. Every User has a User Page, a Talk Page, and a Contributions Page.

User Page

Use this to say something about yourself, list your stories, or whatever else you want to tell visitors to your User Page.

User Talk

This page is how users communicate with one another. It is not a chat, forum, or a BBS. It is for site related communication, and feedback. When you edit a User Talk Page, it will alert the User to a new message the next time they are logged on the site. You should always sign your correspondence on a User Talk Page so that they know to whom they should reply. You can do this by typing four tilde symbols in a row ~~~~, or by using the signature button on the edit window (the second to last button). Respond to another user's message on their talk page so that they are alerted to your message. Don't respond on your own page where their message is. They won't know that you did that unless they are paying close attention to the recent changes.

User Contributions

This page will list your contributions so that all may see them and praise you.