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* [[Yes/Chad/Convince Gwen to leave quietly|Convince Gwen to leave quietly]]
* [[Yes/Chad/Convince Gwen to leave quietly|Convince Gwen to leave quietly]]
* [[Yes/Chad/Convince Gwen to stay before she takes off|Convince Gwen to stay before she takes off]]
* [[Yes/Chad/Convince Gwen to stay before she takes off|Convince Gwen to stay before she takes off]]
* [[Yes/Chad/Ask Gwen if she wants to join you|Ask Gwen if she wants to join you]]
* [[Yes/Chad/Ask Gwen if she wants to join you|Ask Gwen if she wants to join you]] This next please --[[User:Foreman|Foreman]]([[User talk:Foreman|talk]]) 11:27, 2 August 2020 EST
[[Category:Yes|Do it all!]][[Category:Yes/Chad|Do it all!]]
[[Category:Yes|Do it all!]][[Category:Yes/Chad|Do it all!]]

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You want this woman, the woman who bore you. You want her in every way that a man can want a woman. You want her to be your woman, your wife. You want her to have your children. The possibility of that tantalizingly perverse goal being within reach is intoxicating. You need to be careful, but with your power surely you can have it all. You sit beside her on the couch, planning your moves as you watch the show with her. You take your time, planning for contingencies; then, when you're ready, you make your first move toward incestuous checkmate.

"Mom, would it be alright if we made love tonight?" Alright, no one said you were a genius, or that your plan was subtle.

She seems to be in shock, but only for the instant it takes for the ring to change her perspective. "I suppose," she says, seeming a bit confused. "You are a man with needs, and you just lost your girlfriend." You can almost picture the mental gymnastics she is doing to adhere to the changes that the ring made. "I'm not on the pill though, so we'll need to use protection. Do you have condoms?"

"Sorry mom," you say, "I don't have any. I kind of like the idea of getting you pregnant, don't you?"

"Now that you mention it," says your mother as the ring easily overpowers her, "it is pretty hot. Having a baby through incest is not something to be taken lightly. Also if they found out we had sex I would be going away for a long time."

"No one has to know that the baby is ours. Couldn't we just tell them it was someone else's?"

"I guess we could," she says tenuously.

"I bet the thought is getting you really turned on, isn't it?"

"God yes," gasps your mom before you even see the ring work, "but we couldn't could we? There are so many ways for this to go wrong."

"I want to make a baby with you. You want to make a baby with me. Let's make a baby. You'll do that for me, won't you?"

"To hell with society," says your mother suddenly. "Fuck a baby into your mommy."

She grabs you forcefully, and kisses you hard on the lips. You're caught a little off-guard, but quickly adjust. You pull her into you, then on top of you while you remain seated. She adjusts her legs to straddle you on either side without breaking the kiss, her tongue dancing with your own. It's all you can do to keep yourself from passing out from the elation of it all as your mother reaches down and grabs your cock. She breaks the kiss momentarily to say, "you're bigger than your father," as she places the head of your cock against her damp cunt. You reach around and grab her ass cheeks as she slowly lowers herself onto your rock hard dick. It's all you can do to stop from cumming instantly. You're doing it! You're fucking your mom!

Your mother starts riding you slowly, cowgirl style, as you focus on not cumming. The ecstasy of entering the tight wet hole you were born from almost overwhelms you. She has really kept in shape, even down there. Her moist vaginal walls caress and convulse on your cock as she gradually increases her speed. You aren't going to last long at this rate.

A thought occurs to you suddenly. "Come on cock, you can hold out until my mom cums, can't you?" you say out loud. It's worth a try. The sensation is just as powerful as before, but you don't feel the threat of impending eruption. Apparently you can use the power on body parts!

"Oh, is my little man loving his mommy's pussy a little too much?" asks you mom playfully as she continues to ride your pole.

You move your hands to the giant orbs of your mother's breasts bouncing in front of you, kneading them gently as she bounces in your lap. "You're just anxious to get my cum in your womb where it belongs. I bet you're ovulating right now aren't you?"

"Yes," moans your mother, "there is a good chance. My womb is fertile, and waiting for my little mother fucker's cum to make a baby in it. Fuck your mommy. Fuck a baby into your mommy."

You put your mouth to her nipple as you start to thrust up into her steamy pussy. Sucking gently like a baby you continue to pound into your mother in rhythm with her bouncing ride. You feel her cunt quivering around your cock in preorgasmic spasms. It won't be long now. You're about to knock up your mom! You move your hands back to her ass and quicken your pace. Her giant melons bounce precariously close to your face, and for an instant you get the humorous image of getting knocked unconscious from an impact. Her cunt suddenly convulses over your cock, triggering it to fire off load after load of incestuous seed into her very fertile womb. You continue to thrust into your mother as the last few surges of cum rocket into her cunt.

"You are my woman now, Aren't you?" you whisper into your mother's ear.

"I'm yours," she says as she collapses into you. As her body moves out of your field of view, you see Gwen standing in the doorway, frozen in shock, her precious skateboard forgotten by the doorway where it dropped, as she witnesses her brother breeding her mother.

Well, isn't this a pickle?

What's do you do?