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"You dog you," laughs Gwen, elbowing you playfully.
"You do you," laughs Gwen, elbowing you playfully.
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"Yes, fine.  I suppose it will be alright.  But you two me on your best behavior.  No funny stuff."
"Yes, fine.  I suppose it will be alright.  But you two must be on your best behavior.  No funny stuff."

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Without knowing the content of the ancient tenants of The One God and the ancient laws of mystical stewardship you can't really be expected to sign the contract. You'll just have to wait until you see Maebh tonight so she can tell you what they are before you sign. It's actually kind of exciting. You are going to learn about magic. Yesterday morning magic was something for fairy tales and fantasy conventions . . . but now.

You roll the parchment back up, and put it in your desk drawer. You start getting ready for school like normal. You suppose breakfast will have to be clothed on the weekdays . . . not that it really matters all that much now that you can see anyone you want naked with x-ray vision. You dress and get your tablet with all of your books and homework loaded on it and make your way down to breakfast. As you suspected, your mother is clothed and drinking her coffee. You go over to her, put an arm around her and kiss her soundly, the act cementing the relationship in your mind.

"Ugh," says Gwen playfully as she enters the kitchen, "get a room you two." She then walks up to you and kisses you.

You notice Emily standing in the doorway looking betrayed. Oops.

"Hey Em, are you okay?"

"Yeah," she says, visibly relaxing, "just a little surprised that you're kissing Gwen." You meant to comfort her, not use your power. Oh well, what's done is done.

"Gwen and mom are my wives now," you say, "Is that okay?"

"Yeah," she says uncomfortably, "but what about our date?" Crap!

"What's this about a date?" asks your mom.

"I was going to take Emily on a date this Saturday," you say.

"You do you," laughs Gwen, elbowing you playfully.

"I'm not really comfortable with Emily dating yet. Maybe in a few years."

"Moooom," whines Emily.

"Look mom," you say, "it's not some strange kid at school. It's me. Wouldn't it be okay if I dated Emily?"

"Yes, fine. I suppose it will be alright. But you two must be on your best behavior. No funny stuff."

"Hear that, Em?" you ask. "No comedies when we pick our movie."

"You know what I mean young man. She's to young for . . . that stuff."

"Yeah, mom. Don't worry about it."

"So I get to date?" asks Emily rhetorically, "Yes!"

"Only your brother, young lady," admonishes your mother.

"I'm ready for school," says Bree as she comes down the stairs stark naked.

"No you are not, young lady," says your mom. "You march back upstairs and put your clothes on."

"But we're nudists now," she whines.

"Even nudists have to wear clothes in public. Now upstairs. And hurry up or you'll miss your breakfast."

Bree trudges up the stairs while the rest of you sit down to breakfast. Your mom rarely cooks, so it's usually cold cereal on the weekday mornings.

What do you do?