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The Greatest Game on Earth

You had gone to sleep without a hint of what was to come. It was about 1 am, although who could know that, when you awake, standing on stage of cheap game show from the 70s. The studio lights in front of you blind you to anything beyond them. The host of the show, a short man with overly-greased black hair and an incredibly superficial smile, greats you. "Welcome to the Greatest Game on Earth!" The audience suddenly comes alive. Through you can't see them, they chant the name of the show along with the host, then burst into applause.

You're more lucid than normal for a dream. You wonder if this is just a dream, but some part of you wants to you believe it this real. The host looks at you. "Now I know you know play, but for all you knew folks out there, this game is quite simple: play our four little games and receive god-like powers over the physical world and the minds of others." The crowd cheers. "But there's one catch." The audience laughs. "The one thing you won't have power over is...Your Own Mind!!" The audience chants the final three words with him. "And while that might not seem too bad, we are going to tinker with your mind before you leave. So, are you ready to play??!!!" He screams at the audience. They cheer and music plays. Then everything goes dark.

You float in darkness for a time then you reappear on the set as quickly as you left. Music plays. The crowd cheers. And you notice you're standing in front of a large horizontal wheel, straight out of Wheel of Fortune. On the wedges of the wheel alternate the male and female symbols. Then you notice on one wedge, a symbol that looks like the combination of both. Before you can confirm, the host grabs your arm and pulls you closer to the wheel. "Alright. Are you ready to play?" You nod. "OK, spin that wheel, and we'll figure out your new gender identity. Without really understanding what he said, you grab the wheel and give it a spin. The crowd goes silent. The wheel spins for what feels like an eternity, then it slows and stops.

Where does the wheel land?

The 'Male' symbol

The 'Female' symbol

The combination symbol