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X - Z

Story Pages Story Codes Editing Permissions Notes
Yet Another Fantasy 2.0 15 Traditional, g, f, futa, anal, bd, best, blackmail, caution, cons, creampie, ds, dream, fdom, fembot, fist, furry, giant, goth, humi, inc, isekai, mc, magic, fsolo, gsolo, hsolo, nc, nosex, ped, preg, rape, reluc, rom, rough, tg, tort, toys, tragic, veg, viol, virg, vore, voy, ws, forniphilia, unbirth, transformation, nullication/amuptee Spelling Only Author: GMMD (Talk)
A Young Girl's Confession 1 g/b, g/M, Closed Author: Lost
The Young Volleyball Girl 1 Traditional, M/g(12), contest, coach, sports, dubcon, oral, vaginal Closed Author: underarm
A Young Voyeur's Pervy Adventures 10 Interactive, All Open Author: NoGo45 (Talk)
Zombie Schoolgirl in Love 1
Alessa zombie.jpg
Summary: There she was, barefoot in the rain, dressed as a zombie schoolgirl, covered in cheap make-up and shivering from the cold. It was one of the most ridiculous things she'd ever done, second only, to falling in love with her best friend.
Story Codes: Traditional, Nosex, Romance, Lesbian, Girls Kissing, Love, First Kiss, First Love, Teen Romance, Teen Drama, Fluff, Humor, Lolita, Yuri
Closed Author: Alessa(Talk)
The Zoologists 118 Interactive, All Open Author: Ploxs (Talk)